Michigan State Hockey Players Take Cheapshots On Michigan Player Steve Kampfer

Michigan State's Dirty Play Lets Us Know Why Fighting Is Legal In The NHL

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Michigan hockey player Steve Kampfer just got out of the hospital for an off-ice incident. After Saturday night's game against rival Michigan State, he headed right back. Here's a description of the incident from MLive blog:

"But the period also turned ugly with 53 seconds left. Michigan defenseman Steve Kampfer, playing along the boards in his own zone, was checked and clothes-lined from behind by Andrew Conboy, who appeared to slam Kampfer to the ice. As Kampfer fell, MSU's Corey Tropp appeared to whack him in the neck area with his stick. Kampfer had knocked Tropp off his feet in a head-on collison in open ice moments before.

As Kampfer lay motionless face-first on the ice, a fight ensued among players, and Tropp was ejected and Conboy received two roughing penalties.

Kampfer, who returned to action less than a month ago after suffering a fractured skull and back injuries during an on-campus assault in October, was helped off the ice by teammates Chad Langlais and David Wohlberg, unable to stand up straight.

After the game, Kampfer was seen being transported via gurney to an ambulance with a brace around his neck. No further details on Kampfer were available. Berenson refused to comment, saying he didn't see the play unfold."

As Bruce Ciskie from Fanhouse points out, this might all be avoided if the NCAA allowed fighting. In the pros, if someone takes issue with a hit, clean or not, there is the option to drop the gloves and settle things right there. In college, lacking such an option, players feel the need (and the right) to take things into their own hands, no matter how wrong they are.

This is no justification for the actions of Tropp and Conboy. In fact, I condemn their actions, and I hope they receive a harsh punishment for this. But if Tropp had the chance to just trade a few punches with Kampfer, and call it a day. Instead, they resorted to literally hitting a man while he was down, and Kampfer ended up right back in the hospital.

Blatant Cheapshots Mar Michigan State-Michigan Hockey Game [Fanhouse]
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1/29/09   |   markshangle

what those guys did

1/29/09   |   markshangle

that was BS

1/26/09   |   Redwingswin

Do you notice the guy got slashed in the head to.

1/26/09   |   Redwingswin

This was uncalled for, it was a clean open ice hit,  then he comes up and puts they in a hospital, The MSU team had to be taken to thier bus by security because a Michigan parent made it into the locker room, the hit is under investigation.

1/26/09   |   raptrbreth   |   19 respect

The MSU coach said he will "deal with it".  Let us hope that he does the right thing and kicks these guys off the team.  I wonder if the CCHA will have the stones to do something if the university doesn't?

1/26/09   |   hskrdave   |   10666 respect

 msu pansy got pissed because he was leveled with a clean hit...

1/26/09   |   azcardsfan   |   4 respect

Hopefully this will explain why they let em drop the gloves in pro hockey.

1/26/09   |   INDIA_ki_JaI_Ho   |   1 respect