Mike Patrick Says Georgia Is Pulling A Plaxico

ESPN Announcer Mike Patrick Gives Us An Early Candidate For Quote Of The Year

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ESPN's Mike Patrick has long been known as being, how do I put this, not the best of announcers. Let's just say his mind wanders a bit. But last night, during the Georgia versus Michigan State Capital One Bowl, he may have given us the early announcing quote of the year.

Early in the second quarter, after a stupid Georgia penalty, Patrick gave us this classic line, which the Detroit Free Press caught in their live blog:

"Georgia is just pulling a Plaxico. They just keep shooting themselves.”

Is that over the line? Perhaps a little bit. Apparently Patrick's partner went dead silent and then the discussion quickly switched to another subject. But announcers often use the term "shooting themselves in the foot" so is it really that bad, especially if Plaxico didn't do any long term harm to himself? Probably not.

And besides, it's not like Patrick hasn't said much more ridiculous things on the air. Just check out this clip from last season.

Maybe ESPN should just never assign Patrick to another Georgia game ever again.

Georgia/MSU live blog [Detroit Free Press] via [Deadspin]
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1/2/09   |   RichmondSpider

Dan Patrick is just, so... Dan Patrick!

1/2/09   |   das3cr   |   288 respect

I laughed when he said that.  Almost spit my drink out! LOL

1/2/09   |   Keeter   |   92 respect

Maybe someday we'll refer to someone "pulling a Patrick" when they say something meaningless, irrelevant, and makes us shake our head in dismay !!!

1/2/09   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Mike Patrick has lost his damn mind, and I am okay with it.

1/2/09   |   Heyhey1970   |   194 respect

Aside from saying crazy stuff, nobody loves to lick the traditional powerhouses of college sports like Mike Patrick.  When he and Vitale used to work together it was unbearable when they had a North Carolina or Duke game. 

1/2/09   |     |   1 respect

that is so money......

1/2/09   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

LOL, I love in the video, Patrick's partner is like "WTF??????"

1/2/09   |   dheerajds16

 born identity...!