Mine That Bird Wins 2009 Kentucky Derby With Jockey Calvin Borel. 2nd Biggest Upset In Kentucky Derby History.

Mine That Bird Steals The Show At The Derby

5/2/09 in Horse Racing   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Man, was that ever one hell of a race. Mine That Bird, who I never thought about once over the course of the lead up to the Kentucky Derby, was dead last coming out of the gate but then blew past everyone in the final third of the race to win by a pretty significant margin.

At 50-1 odds, Mine That Bird is the second biggest upset in Derby history. And not only that, this horse was bought for $9,500. Considering he just pulled in $2.2 million, I'd say this horse was worth its cost.

Also, it needs to be said that Calvin Borel, the jockey for Mine That Bird, was simply awesome. You can't guide a horse to a better race than he did.

Anyway, Mine That Bird has plenty of Seabiscuit potential. We'll see how he does at the Preakness. I know I'll be rooting for him.
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5/3/09   |   panda4

derms33 wrote:
I have not seen a horse close that like in a real long time...awesome

Yes. I believe this run is a lot like how Secretariat won his Derby. Looks like "the Bird" was just getting warmed up.

5/3/09   |   iluvbball

mine that bird

5/3/09   |   iluvbball

OMG I have never seen any thing like that best race of all even though i thought regal ransome was going to win

5/3/09   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

I have not seen a horse close that like in a real long time...awesome

5/2/09   |   WhoDey   |   6 respect

Ah, I lost $16 on the Derby.  I had "Join in the Dance" to show as one of my bets and almost got that'n!

5/2/09   |   BluDevil   |   618 respect

Bring on the Preakness! This is a lot better story than last year, when Eight Bells died on the track.

And for the few people who did take the long shot, congrats!