Monte Barrett Trips Over The Ropes On His Way Into The Ring, Loses To David Haye
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This Is Never How You Want To Start A Fight [Video]

11/17/08 in Boxing   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

There's a reason most boxers climb through the ropes when entering the ring, instead of trying to jump over them. It just makes sense, really. Apparently Monte Barrett didn't get the memo.

Barrett tried to hop OVER the ropes during his entrance, and the result was a knockdown before his opponent ever entered the ring. NOT the way you want to start a fight, and probably a little embarrassing. No word on whether or not it was as embarrassing to Barrett as his 5th round TKO loss to opponent David Haye.

Monte Barrett Starts David Haye Fight Falling on His Face, Ends It Flat on His Back [Fanhouse]
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