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Motocross Freestyler Scott Murray Cheats Death Not Once, But Twice

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Unlike some people, I've always been impressed with extreme athletes. Most are pretty decent athletes and some are truly amazing athletes. I also respect them because they literally have no fear. That may also be because they have no brains, but I won't hold that against them.

That said, the level of progression in extreme sports is also nuts. I remember when motocross guys doing a backflip was considered insane. Now it's literally par for the course.

I keep wondering when someone is going to die from this extreme progression - because it's nearly reached that point. Jake Brown could have easily died when he fell 40-feet at the X-Games.

The newest athlete to cheat death, not once, but twice in about 5 minutes is legendary motocross freestyler Scott Murray. These are back to back jumps he did in Australia this weekend.

On that second jump, Murray landed flat on his back on the ground from about 15-feet up in the air. And he walked away, with only bruised ribs. I'd say Murray pretty much used all his nine lives there.
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Walk it off.