Motorcycle Champ Dougie Lampkin Rides Through A 17th Century Manor
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This Is Awesome On So Many Levels That My Brain Exploded

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Dougie Lampkin is some kind of well known motorcycle champ (although not so well known to me) who's won a ton of hardware over the years, but just forget about that.

He's now officially my hero.

Why? Because Lampkin rode through the 17th century Goodwood House in West Sussex, England which is owned by Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, or as he's better known, the Earl of March.

Now, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of aristocracy, and part of me wishes Lampkin had peeled out on a rug or two, but Lord March is apparently a reasonably a cool guy. I mean, after all, he let Lampkin ride around his house for God's sake. Which is of course typically British. You could beat up a Brit and while doing so he'd apologize for bruising your fists with his face.

Anyway, all of this is to promote the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which takes place on the grounds of the house next month. I just hope Lord March actually has race through his house. That would officially make him the Coolest Man Ever In The History Of The Universe.
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Its a good step. News