NBA Highlights Of The Week: Brian Skinner Fail, Yao Ming Vs Brandon Roy, Derrick Rose Dunk On Leandro Barbosa

The NBA: Where "OMG Check Out This Crazy Video On Youtube" Happens

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The last 3 nights in NBA action have produced some awesome moments. Fortunately, the wonders of the internet allow us to peruse said moments at our leisure. Here's some of the best moments in NBA action for the last few nights.

Lakers Vs Clippers, in which Brian Skinner demonstrates an innate inability to jump

I suppose we could give the guy a break. I mean, he's only listed at 6'9". The crazy part is, I'm 5'11", I weigh only slightly less than Mr. Skinner, and I couldn't make my HS varsity team, and I could still dunk as well as Brian Skinner did in this video. Well done, good sir.

Rockets Vs Blazers, in which Yao Ming and Brandon Roy exchange incredibly clutch shots

Roy made a nice jumper to give Portland a 2 point lead with only 1.9 seconds left. Yao countered with a beautiful shot in double coverage with only 0.8 remaining while being assaulted by Roy and Joel Przybilla, as well as the accompanying foul shot. Off the ensuing inbound pass, Roy threw up a ridiculous prayer from about 28 feet to seal the win. Absolutely insane.

Bulls Vs Suns, in which Derrick Rose lets Leandro Barbosa know one reason why he was the #1 pick

Rose's dunk on the break over Barbosa was just awesome. Which is probably why they showed the replay 5 times in a row. Literally. But it's fine, it was all worth it. That's not something you see from a lot of NBA point guards. D-Rose is the future.
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