NBA introduces new awards for 2012-13

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Compared to Rodman, today's NBA stars are tame.  They rarely wear feather boas but they still enjoy experimenting with style and stretching the limits of acceptable attire.  This year, Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook has been honored with the Rodman award for his variety of tastes and willingness to utilize a man purse.

He has sported bizarre button up shirts and pants so tight they don't leave much up to the imagination, but this metallic number really gave him the edge this season.

This award saw some of the fiercest competition, with Nick Young finishing second in the voting and various NBA hipsters vying for the honor.  

Young, who claims to be the best dressed man in the NBA, surely has the confidence to pull off anything, but confidence is not the same thing as ability.  Regardless, the man deserves recognition for his choices and America's basketball writers clearly noticed Young's contribution to NBA fashion in 2013.

The last of the four awards introduced today was the Flop of the Year.  Over the last few decades, with the influx of European stars, the NBA has produced some of the worlds great flop artists.  This season, the league's top point guard and a man widely considered the best leader in the NBA, Chris Paul, has been recognized for outstanding work in the field of floppery.

His tour de force:

Notice the arm flail and grunt.  Just beautiful.  What leadership.

Danillo Gallinari put his name into contention for the award with this gem:

and Cavs guard Donald Sloan finished third in the voting thanks to this flop, which earned extra points for actually having some physical contact:

Stay tuned for more new NBA awards throughout the playoffs.
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