NCAA Baseball: UC-Irvine Pulls Off Hidden Ball Trick On LSU Thanks To Blown Call

The Ol' Hidden Ball Trick Even Fools Umpires

6/8/08 in NCAA Baseball   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

I can hardly remember the last time I saw a hidden ball trick, let alone one that actually worked.

In yesterday's NCAA Baseball Super Regionals, UC-Irvine pulled out all the tricks to stop LSU's 23-game winning streak. In the bottom of the sixth with the Tigers rallying, the Anteaters called for the ol' hidden ball trick.

Technically, it didn't work, but the second base umpire was impressed and/or tricked, himself.

As you can plainly see, second baseman Casey Stevenson tagged the Tigers' DJ LeMahieu after he'd already touched the base. Dejection and ejections ensued.
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6/9/08   |   Adam

I actually saw this play work earlier in the College tourney, but if the bases were loaded why wouldn't you try this on a corner base?  If the first basemen or third basemen hold the player on it would be alot less obvious than a second basemen running at the bag wildly with the ball in his glove.

6/9/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Well Anteaters had to loose this game, it was karma. After eliminating my beloved CSUF Titans from last years CWS after one of the UCI players dove in to get hit by a pitch made no attempt to get out of the way and now this. Oh they had to blow a lead late and be denied a trip to Omaha for those shenanigans.


Oh Irvine, I expected more from a UC school. . .


Well since CSUF is out this thanks to the stupid tree the college baseball season is over for me. Call when 2009 season starts.

6/8/08   |   Jahiegel   |   132 respect

The game story rather glosses over the substance of the issue, but at least it manages to admit the obvious: "With the bases still loaded, UC Irvine tried to catch the Tigers napping with a hidden ball trick. Stevenson charged from his second-base position toward LeMahieu who had returned to the bag. However, the second base umpire called LeMahieu out to end the inning."

6/8/08   |   Scott Senay

Almost as bad as this: