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Got A Case of the Mondays? We Got the Cure with 7 Games on the Ice! [NHL Live Thread]

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Hello out there in FanIQ Land and welcome to the Q hockey pregame show!  Tonight we've got a touchdown plus the PAT full of games, 7 in all.  From Beantown to SoCal, IIIIIT'S A HOCKEY NIGHT in America!  I'm joined by (as I like to call them) my co-hostesses with the mostesses, Debi (JrCanuckFan) and Jess.  As the trade deadline approaches, it's desperation time for some teams.  6 teams in the west are separated by 4 points for that final playoff spot, and 5 of them play tonight.  It's been the case all season, but now more than ever, every...point...matters!  Ladies, let's do this!  You all know what to do, hop on the Q Train, we've got a 7-city tour across the US and Canada tonight...ALL ABOARD!

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We begin our night in Bah-ston, where we see the Bruins playing the...wait, didn't we just see this?  Oh that's right, this is the second half of the back-to-back series.  It's the Leafs and Bruins at the Gah-den!
Jess: Didn’t the Bruins just get beat by the Leafs up in Toronto? I don’t think that happens on their home ice.
Let's see, fourth meeting. Leafs won the last one.  Aww crap I'll take the Leafs to win this one as well.  My record is so bad lately I think I have gotten 9 right out of about 40.
BK:  Oh wow, first game and already I get to play tiebreaker.  The Bruins won the first 2, and the Leafs just beat them for the first time in two years Saturday night!  I expect this to be a dogfight between these Original Six members.  I'm gonna say the home team wins it, Bruins are too strong overall IMHO.  Bruins get the W.

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Boston Bruins: 7:00 PM ET - RDS, TSN, NESN

Next we're off to Ottawa where the Sens play host to los Diablos
The Sens are the better team here, and I think they show us why tonight.
Another close match.  Brodeur is back, but Kovalchuk is out.  Sens have shown they can play well, with or without star players.  I gotta go with the Sens.
BK:  The Devils just can't catch a break, can they Debi?  Kovalchuk's absence is going to hurt them badly I believe.  They were having trouble scoring WITH him!  Ottawa has been nothing short of miraculous this year...we're ALLLLL on the Sens!

New Jersey Devils @ Ottawa Senators: 7:30 PM ET - MSG+, SportsNet East, TVA

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Next we're off to the Windy City as the champs invade the United Center!  This is also your national NBC Sports broadcast tonight for your viewing pleasure, and what a game it will be!
Ack, this one is difficult. The Kings are a lot better than we thought they were, and Chicago is even better. Blackhawks.
I would love to say I think the Kings will take this, but I just can't.  They have times of brilliance, and then poof!  Gotta take Chicago.
BK: Game of the night here folks, easily.  The Kings stopped scoring last week.  I think that shutout streak ends.  You're both on the Blackhawks?  I'm gonna play devi's advocate and take the.....nah, I'm taking the Hawks as well.

Los Angeles Kings @ Chicago Blackhawks: 8:00 PM ET - NBC Sports Network, TSN 2, CSN Chicago

At the same time we have another puck drop a little further south.  Let's quickly hightail it from the Windy City to Music City.
Jess: Preds.
I would have immediately said Nashville for this one, but...ah hell, I still gotta take the Preds
BK: I agree, the Oilers still don't impress me.  Neither do the Preds much for that matter, but like the Panthers at the Isles over the weekend, they weren't that good, but good enough to beat the Panthers.  Same goes here, the Preds aren't overly great, but good enough to beat the Oilers.

Edmonton Oilers @ Nashville Predators: 8:00 PM ET - SportsNet West, FSN Tennessee

Next we're off to Big D where the old Minnesota team hosts the new Minnesota team.
Is there a good rivalry here due to relocation etc? I don’t even know; that’s how closely I pay attention to Dallas. I like Minnesota alright when they’re not playing the Ducks, and while I would never deliberately pick Dallas to win I don’t know…a girl can dream. Have to pick Minny.
Debi: Wild
BK: Wow, the Wild have started to play better on the road, and the Stars just traded their captain Brenden Morrow to my Pens yesterday.  I'm gonna make it a clean sweep and pick the Wild to stun the Stars.

Minnesota Wild @ Dallas Stars: 8:30 PM ET - FSN North, FSN Wisconsin, FSN Southwest

Next it's off to the desert for the first of our night caps.
I hate the Red Wings right now. That is all.
Much as I hate to, I have to take the Red Wings here.
BK: I'm assuming Jess is picking Phoenix out of spite, and I can't say I blame her.  The tiebreaker in this one goes to...Phoenix.  I'm gonna bank on the inconsistency of the Wings this year and say they won't be able to keep it going on this road trip.

Detroit Red Wings @ Phoenix Coyotes: 10:00 PM ET - FSN Detroit, FSN Arizona

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Finally we end the night with Jess's Ducks!
If the Ducks play like they did the last two games, they’re not getting past even San Jose tonight. I’m hoping they wake up and end this skid before it turns in to a full blown streak.
I have to take the Ducks.  They are just too strong this season.
BK: I'm with Debi here.  The Ducks are going to come out strong tonight and put the Sharks back in their tank!

San Jose Sharks @ Anaheim Ducks: 10:00 PM ET - CSN California, Prime Ticket

Debi: Hey!! Did you see those Flames last night?  I know it's probably too little too late, but they actually won a game!!  Well they won on home ice, and they do really well at home, but suck terribly on the road.  Anyway, I was doing a happy dance.
BK: Congrats!  Here's hoping they start getting their a$$es in gear and put a little streak together!  I was happy as well sending the Flyers home last night with Fleury beating them in Consol for the first time in the regular season!
Jess: That was awesome, Debi! Nothing like capping off your weekend on a happy note. My sports weekend was not so great, between my Ducks and Zags, so this video for today's thread feels that much better. You know what I'm talking about...the traditional "Best Hits of the Week" for Monday Night Hockey on FanIQ!

Video courtesy of NHL.com

This is your official live thread to talk (or bitch) about the game(s) you're watching tonight.  Let's get this party started!
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3/26/13   |   mcleodglen   |   32 respect

i'm still in meltdown mode now!

3/25/13   |   orangemen90   |   5785 respect

Guess LA made a statement tonight...wow...

3/25/13   |   Jess   |   35090 respect

AlwaysSunshine wrote:
I think you're allowed some upset.  I mean, if playing like a** becomes the new trend, then the standings will say something different over the course of time.

Exactly. And I can handle losses. I might pout for a bit but if the team played hard and the other team was just better I can deal. But when the other team isn't even playing that great (I'll give it to Howard, he was standing on his head last night) and my team is just...blah...it ticks me off!

(I also don't like to be told how I'm allowed or not allowed to feel about pretty much anything)

3/25/13   |   AlwaysSunshine   |   7444 respect

I think you're allowed some upset.  I mean, if playing like a** becomes the new trend, then the standings will say something different over the course of time.

3/25/13   |   Jess   |   35090 respect

(Edited by Jess)

When I was in meltdown mode last night on twitter (have there really been 3 in a row of those?) I received this mention from a #12 but fan of another hockey team: @Seahana12 You have no right to complain about your Anaheim Ducks. #LookAtTheStandings

So I guess when our teams are at the top we're not allowed to be upset when they plays like a**. :/ I suppose I'll need to behave myself from now on.

3/25/13   |   AlwaysSunshine   |   7444 respect

The Preds are not playing up to their potential.  Hornqvist is activated for tonight, so I hope he's had a chance to shake the cobwebs off and make a difference on the ice.