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Is This the Day the Streak Finally Ends? 9 Games in All for Your Sunday! [NHL Live Thread]

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Gooood morning, FanIQ and welcome to our pregame show!  Today we've got 9 games on the schedule.  Today I'm joined by both of my 2 co-hostesses with the mostesses, Debi and Jess!  Ladies, let's get this party started today, shall we?  We have Original Six duels, the second leg of a home & home in the Southeast Division, a great battle in Big D, and much much more.  You know the drill by now, hop on the Q train, we've got a 9 city tour across the U.S. and Canada all day long...ALL ABOARD!

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BK: We begin in the Motor City where arch rivals meet head-to-head in what's sure to be the game of the day.  The Hawks are flying high and the Wings are starting to get themselves together.  What other game could possibly be your Doc & EdZo NBC special?  I've been saying it all week, and I'm sticking to this pick.  As much as it pains me, I've been saying that if the Hawks hadn't lost in regulation until today, Detroit was going to be the team to do it.  Wings win in regulation...sigh.
Debi: We all know Chicago has to lose sooner or later. Columbus came really close the other night.  Columbus!!!! Bottom of the barrel almost defeated the top dog!  Can Detroit be the team to beat Chicago?  Ugh.  You know what, somehow I think they can, much as I don't want to think it is so, I think Detroit might win this one.Jess: Cheez-N-Rice the Blackhawks are out of control. Part of me wants to just give them this game but the other part is saying that if they’re going to lose at all this season, today’s a good bet. While I’d like to see them beat Detroit, I’m going to take the Red Wings in this one.
We're ALLLLL on the Wings eh? 
Chicago Blackhawks @ Detroit Red Wings - 12:30 PM ET - NBC, NHL Network (Canada)

BK: How the heck can we follow up Chicago and Detroit?  Well we've got a trio of puck drops at 3:00.  Let's start on Long Island where the Isles host the Sens who will look to rebound from a loss in Philly yesterday afternoon.  Their injuries may finally be catching up to them.  That said, I don't think they lose 2 in a row.  I just don't have enough confidence in the Isles to pull off the win.  Sens get a win on the road.
Debi: I just can't believe the Islanders will pick today to somehow figure out how to win at home.  Not against the Sens who, despite the loss against Philly yesterday, and despite a crappy road appearance....wait, am I talking myself out of this?  Aww crap, I gotta take the Sens.
Jess: Sens! Philly may have beat them yesterday but I won’t be surprised to see them bounce back.
Ottawa Senators @ New York Islanders - 3:00 PM ET - SportsNet East, TVA, MSG+

BK: From there we're off to Columbus where the Jackets host the Avs.  Umm, yeah...woof.
Debi: Gotta go with the Avs
Jess: I want the Avalanche to win. Badly. But I’m scared. With this whole O’Reilly mess behind them now, maybe they’ll refocus. Will that happen on the road? I don’t know. I’m calling this one for the Blue Jackets.
Colorado Avalanche @ Columbus Blue Jackets - 3:00 PM ET - Altitude, FSN Ohio

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BK: Let's hi-tail it from there down to Dallas where we've got one heck of a matchup between the Stars and Blues.  Dallas has been playing pretty well, but so have the Blues.  I gotta feeling...that the Blues are gonna take this one on the road...Jagr may cry.devil 
Debi: I honestly have no idea how this one will play out.  Both teams are just kind of bleh.  St. Louis gets it.
Jess: Blues.
As if we really had to ask, Jess?  By the way, this one is on NHL Network for your viewing pleasure.
St. Louis Blues @ Dallas Stars - 3:00 PM ET - NHL Network (US), FSN Midwest, FSN Southwest

After Dallas we're off to South Florida where the Panthers and Canes finish the second half of their home-home.  Carolina made mince meat out of those Cats in Raleigh yesterday, and I gotta think the Panthers are so disjointed that's going to happen again.  I'm taking Carolina to finish off the sweep of this weekend doubleheader.
Debi: My picks lately just suck, really suck.  However, I think the Canes got this.
Jess: Hurricanes seem like a much better team coming in to Florida, and I know you have a thing about the Panthers having used up their goal quota BK, but I’m calling an upset.
Carolina Hurricanes @ Florida Panthers - 6:00 PM ET - FSN Carolina, FSN Florida

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BK: We're making a dash back to the Northeast for our next couple of games.  We first head up to Beantown where the Bruins host the Habs.  Ahhh, another Original Six game...these two love each other so much, don't they?  Both teams played yesterday.  The Bruins beat the Bolts, and the Habs lost a 7-6 OT thriller to the Pens on home ice.  Expect the Habs to be worn out from that affair.  I'm taking Boston to win at home.  Also, this one is on Versus NBC Sport Network to complete your tripleheader of nationally televised games.
Debi: Game of the night.  Both teams have so much to prove in this game, so much on the line.  Both teams really want the win.  Boston won the last one in a really close game and the Habs lost last night, so I think they might be like a team possessed tonight.  I gotta go with the Habs.
Jess: Eenie-meenie-miney-Habs.
Montreal Canadiens @ Boston Bruins - 7:30 PM ET - NBC Sports Network, RDS, TSN Montreal

BK: Next we're headed into Midtown Manhattan where the Rangers play host to the Sabres.  Buffalo pulled off the biggest upset of Saturday, beating the Devils in a SO.  However, I don't foresee lightning striking twice.  Goaltending will be the story of this game, and I believe King Henrik will emerge victorious in front of the MSG crowd.  Rangers win.
Debi: Another pair that are really close in the rankings.  Neither team has been able to put much together, so I'll toss a coin.  Rangers it is.
Jess: If the Rangers don’t win this game, I’m giving up on them completely. Their offense was dialed in with Nash at the helm on Thursday. They’re home again, against an even worse team tonight. However, the Sabres are a little more solid in net than Tampa Bay. I’ll say Rangers, but I’m not 100% confident.
Buffalo Sabres @ New York Rangers - 7:30 PM ET - MSG Buffalo, MSG

BK: Our two night caps take us first to the Twin Cities where the Wild host the Oilers.  I was almost tempted to make THIS the "woof" game of the day, but I think the Wild are slightly better than Edmonton.  I'm taking the home team to pull this one out, but I'll warn you now it could be fugly.
Debi: Not taking the Oilers.  Can't stand them or their fans right now.  Minnesota it is.
Jess: This one took me the longest to try and pick. I’m not entirely convinced that the Wild are that much better than the Oilers, though they play so much better at home than on the road. I’m going to say Wild for this one only because they’re at Xcel tonight.
Edmonton Oilers @ Minnesota Wild - 8:00 PM ET - SportsNet Edmonton, FSN North, FSN Wisconsin

BK: Finally we end the night with our favorite Canadian co-host, as Debi's Flames host the Canucks.  Yeah, I'm hoping Calgary pulls this one out, even though she always picks against my team.wink
Debi: I hate the Canucks and I hate that they beat Los Angeles last night.  It pissed me off so much I went to bed after two periods.  Well okay, I was exhausted from an afternoon in the fresh air, but I still was disgusted.  Not with the Kings, but I just couldn't stand the announcers talking about the ginger twins like they are the end all and be all of hockey.  Hurl.  Anyway, I know the nuckleheads have won the last two against my Flames, but there ain't no way in hell I'm picking Vancouver.
Jess: oooh this game is going to be fun for Debi…the team she hates most against the team she loves most. Though Vancouver is obviously a stronger team this year, the Flames might just pull it off. Either way, I’m here for moral support. I’m picking them.
Vancouver Canucks @ Calgary Flames - 8:00 PM ET - SportsNet Pacific, SportsNet West

Jess: Let's end the week the right way with a video of the Top 10 Goals of the week for March 1 from NHL.com, shall we?

Back to BK!

As always, this is your place to talk (or bitch) about the game(s) you're watching this afternoon and into the night...let's get this party started!

We'll see you at intermission.  I'm off to work for the night after the first period in Detroit, but Debi and Jess are here so no worries.  Thanks for the video, Jess.  It's a great day for hockey, and here we go!

BK over and out
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3/4/13   |   mcleodglen   |   32 respect

Congratulations to Calgary!

3/3/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Calgary WINS!!! 4-2 and Danny Taylor gets his first NHL Win :)

3/3/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Holy S**T!!! I GET THE GAME!!!

Canucks at Flames about to get underway :)

3/3/13   |   Jess   |   35116 respect

Debi_L wrote:
Wow.  The streak is intact.  You can't make this s**t up.


3/3/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Wow.  The streak is intact.  You can't make this s**t up.

3/3/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Start of the 2nd period in Detroit and still no score.  The Hawks are vastly outshooting the Wings though.

3/3/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Holy crap Chara!  Spin-o-rama from the tallest man in hockey, that is well-deserving of the top goal of the week!