NHL Thursday Night Live Thread

Save It, Score It, Win It, Clinch It...Let the Final Weekend Begin! [NHL Live Thread]

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Hello out there in FanIQ Land and welcome to our Q Pregame Show!  I'm Bryan, your thorn between to roses...or is it the rose between two thorns?  Just kidding.  Anywho, tonight we have 11 games on the schedule, one team is playing their season finale, and all but two game have playoff implications.  Whether it be for seeding purposes or clinching a spot in the postseason, this promises to be the most exciting night of the season to date.  Jess and Debi, my co-hostesses with the mostesses should be here this evening as well, throwing their two cents into the mix as well.  Ladies, are you ready?  I'll break down the playoff scenarios for each team as we come to their particular game.  There are 3 games at 7:00 and 4 at 7:30, all ET of course.  We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there!  We've got no time to waste, you all know what to do, the Q Train is about to depart on an 11-city tour across North America....ALL ABOARD!
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We begin in the city of brotherly hate love where the Flyers host the Isles.
BK: The Flyers are out and the Isles are in...say WHAT?!  That's right, the last time this happened was 2007.  The Flyers could potentially move up one more spot to 5th.  Whether they get that or not is a different story, but you folks know me enough by now to know that I will never pick the Flyers...Isles win!
Jess: Eesh, I never like this one. I’m thinking Isles though.
New York Islanders @ Philadelphia Flyers - 7:00 PM ET - MSG+2, CSN Philadelphia

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Next we're headed into our Nation's Capital where the Caps host the Sens from the Capital of Canada.
BK: This game means nothing for the Caps, but is huge for the Sens.  Erik Karlsson may potentially be back tonight, which can only help Ottawa.  A loss doesn't bury them as they still will have two games left after tonight, but this one is simple for Ottawa, you win, you're in.  I say they punch their ticket tonight with a win over the Caps who could honestly treat this as a throw away game.
Jess: Caps
Ottawa Senators @ Washington Capitals - 7:00 PM ET - TSN, TVA, CSN Washington

From there we're off to Raleigh where the Canes host the Rangers.
BK: This is the game that promises to feature TMS...TOO MUCH STAAL!  Carolina has called up baby brother Jared, and I'm sure at some point you'll see all three of them on the ice together just because.  Rangers defenseman Marc will be in the crowd watching as he recovers from that nasty puck in the eye earlier this season, so all 4 will be in the building.  The Canes are eliminated, but for the Rangers this game is big.  Just like the Sens a loss isn't the end-all-be all, but let's keep it simple, you win, you're in.  I'm not so sure on this one, it could be a trap for the Rangers.  Considering they did just lose to the Panthers, I'm calling the upset.  Canes win.
Jess: I really hope the Rangers can pull it together over the lowly Canes
New York Rangers @ Carolina Hurricanes - 7:00 PM ET - MSG, FSN Carolina

From there we're off to Boston for the first of our 7:30 games.  This is the rescheduled blizzard game against the Bolts.
BK: So Tampa Bay is out for a second straight year, and Boston still has two games left to play after tonight.  They're still tied with the Habs for the Northeast division crown as both of them are struggling as of late.  They can't clinch the title, but they can put pressure on the Habs.  I'm taking the Bruins for the win in this one though, as they should have no trouble with the Bolts who have only won 6 games on the road all year.
Jess: Bruins
Tampa Bay Lightning @ Boston Bruins - 7:30 PM ET - FSN Florida, NESN+

Next we're headed to Newark where the Devils host the Pens in their final home game of the year.  Outside of Pittsburgh and the NYC area, this game is on NBC Sports Network for your viewing pleasure.
BK: It's New Jersey's final home game, and Pittsburgh's final road game.  This is one of the two games that mean absolutely nothing.  The Pens have locked up the #1 seed in the East, Chicago has clinched the President's Trophy, and the Devils are out.  The Pens want to rebound and I'm thinking they will, although it will be tough.
Jess: hmm. Don’t be mad BK but I’m calling the upset. I think the Penguins may be playing a lot of their 4th liners to prepare for the Cup run, and while their 3rd and 4th liners may be great, I also think the Devils will be playing for pride in front of their home crowd and pull off a hard-fought win.
BK: I hope they don't do that, but I can see it potentially happening.
Pittsburgh Penguins @ New Jersey Devils - 7:30 PM ET - NBC Sports Network, ROOT Pittsburgh, MSG+

Next we're headed to Florida where the Panthers host the Leafs.
BK: So the Panthers are out and the Leafs are in.  Toronto could potentially snatch home ice away from the Habs in 4th, albeit that's a stretch.  However, they could also fall as far as 8th on this last weekend.  I doubt that happens though, and I think the Leafs rebound nicely here against the team with the worst home record in the NHL.
Jess: Did the Panthers really come back and beat the Rangers the other night? And why am I even surprised? The Leafs aren’t the Rangers though. I think this will be a relatively simple win for them.

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Florida Panthers - 7:30 PM ET - SportsNet Ontario, SUN

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Our final 7:30 game is at The Joe as the Wings host the Preds.
BK: The Wings haven't been in this position for a long long time.  Columbus and Dallas both have a chance to pass them if the cards are dealt right.  The Wings can't clinch, but a win would go a long way towards a playoff position.  Just for the heck of it, I'm taking the Preds to pull off the upset here tonight.
Jess: We all know the Red Wings aren’t going down without a fight. Pekka or no Pekka (heh), they will do what it takes to win this game.
Nashville Predators @ Detroit Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET - FSN Tennessee, FSN Detroit

We're off to Winnipeg next where the Jets host the Habs.
BK: This is it for the Jets, win or set up tee times.  This is their last game tonight and it's on home ice.  They need to win and hope that either the Rangers or Sens lose their last two games, preferably in regulation.  A loss and it's all over.  Meanwhile the Habs aren't exactly setting the world on fire.  Knowing what's at stake for both teams and an even more dire situation for the Jets, I'm saying les Habitants vont perdre ce soir.  The Jets win, and the circumstances around the rest of the league will dictate the playoff outcome.
Jess: Habs play spoiler? I think so.
Montreal Canadiens @ Winnipeg Jets - 8:00 PM ET - RDS, TSN Habs, TSN Jets

Next we're off to the gateway to the West where the Blues host Debi's Flames.
BK: So the Blues are in and the Flames are playing for pride.  The Blues can make it as high as 4th, but for some moral support of my co-hostess, I'm taking the Flames.
Jess: I’m sorry Debi, I wish I could call this for your Flames but the Blues defense is awfully stingy – and they’re at home.
Calgary Flames @ St. Louis Blues - 8:00 PM ET - SportsNet West, FSN Midwest

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From there we're headed to Big D where the Stars play host to Columbus.
BK: Both of these teams are chasing the Wings, and it's a crucial game for both teams.  A loss for the Stars means game, set, and match, your season is over.  A loss for Columbus could potentially end their season as well if they were to lose and Detroit wins.  I'm going to take Columbus behind a strong showing from Bobrovsky to eliminate Dallas here tonight.
Jess: Obviously I would love to see the Blue Jackets take this game.
Columbus Blue Jackets @ Dallas Stars - 8:30 PM ET - FSN Ohio, FSN Southwest+

In our night cap, Jess's Ducks travel to Vancouver.  This game is your up all night party on the NHL Network!
BK: This is the other game that means nothing.  Both teams have won their division, and they can't move up or down, they're 2nd and 3rd in the West respectively and that's where they're going to finish the season.  That said, I'm taking the Ducks for a clean sweep of our 3 teams winning tonight!
Jess: Let’s be real; if the Ducks play this game like they did in their last game against the Oilers, they’ve got this. If they play like they have the past few weeks besides that game, the ‘Nucks will win it in the 2nd period. It depends on which Anaheim team shows up, unfortunately.
BK: Speaking of resting players, both of these teams might do that.
Anaheim Ducks @ Vancouver Canucks - 10:00 PM ET -  NHL Network (US), KDOC, SportsNet Pacific

Jess: Okay so I know I already gave you some Goalie Godliness this week when I shared the Top 10 Saves of the week yesterday. But, I'm showing you some more. Why? Because goalies. Today we have the Top 10 Glove Saves of All Time. *Swoon* (Video courtesy of NHL.com)

BK: Thanks Jess!  As always, this is your place to come and talk (or bitch) about the game(s) you're watching tonight.  Join the party and enjoy a night full of desperation mode hockey.  This is sure to be one exciting evening, let's get this party started!
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4/26/13   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

I have to be honest...  I love the hockey game but it's really hard to get excited about playoff positioning. But once they start, I'll be glued.

4/25/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

I'm sitting at the bar in Boston Pizza. The Flames game is on visual only while the Ducks and Canucks are on the main screens with sound. I am, of course, cheering loudly for the Ducks and the Pr*** beside me wants to hit me and he doesn't even know eff all about hockey. 

4/25/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Winnipeg is winning, but it doesn't matter what they do now.  The Sens and Rangers both won in OT, and they're in.  Seeding can change, but the Eastern Conference is set.  Your playoff teams are...

New York Islanders
New York Rangers

4/25/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Pens have blown that 2-0 lead and are losing 3-2.  I'm not happy about losing in this fashion this late in the year.  The Pens better win the season finale on Saturday against the Canes or I'm going to be chicken s*** nervous going into the playoffs, that's all I'm going to say.

4/25/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

The Pens are clinging to a 1-0 lead in Jersey.  Rangers and Canes are tied, Wings are going back and forth with the Preds, Sens are ahead 1-0 after two, Jers and Jackets scored first, and Toronto is all over Florida as expected...and just as I type this Letang sets up Jussi Jokinen for a PPG to give the Pens a 2-0 lead!

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Jess wrote:
A lot of people watching the NFL draft are going to miss some GREAT hockey tonight! 

I couldn't agree more!

4/25/13   |   Jess   |   35101 respect

A lot of people watching the NFL draft are going to miss some GREAT hockey tonight!