NHL's Best Bench Clearing Fights, Or At Least 7 Of Them

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Inspired by the Russian Super League fight from a week ago, I sought out for some of the best bench clearing brawls in the NHL because we need more where that came from.

Warmup: Senators vs Sabres (Feb. 22, 2007)
This isn't bench clearing, but it should get you in the mood. Big fight from last season with some quality coach vs fan trash talk.

6. Flames vs Canadiens
('86 Stanley Cup Finals)
This fight is actually quite weak, but it gets points for length and numerous cute shots of players holding each other reading to perform their men's pair figure skating.

5. Jets vs Flames (sometime when the Jets were still around)
The lesson here is you DO NOT go after the goalie. A slightly above average raucous turns bench clearing when Tim Hunter goes after the goalie.

4. Rangers vs Flyers
By the way, if you searching for NHL fights you'll find a metric ton of Rangers/Flyers action. I realize this isn't news to hockey fans, but a bit of an eye opener to an NHL illiterate like myself. Here's why I should be more of a hockey fan ... some of the best bench clearing fights have occurred during preseason like this one.

3. Red Wings vs Avalanche ('97)
I couldn't post this list without at least one Avs-Wings fight. 300 penalty minutes here. The hate emanates right through the youtubage.

2. Bruins vs Rangers Fans
Anytime fans are involved, you have to respect the fight. In fact, this should be #1 but you'll see my reasoning below. Classic visual at the end as you see the Rangers standing in an orderly fashion watching on as their fans get pummeled.

1. Bruins - Nordiques (1987)
Not particularly violent, but this fight takes the top spot due to the scene at 1:05 into the video. A ref trying desperate to write down all the infractions and then giving the "awww f-it" look.

I'm sure there are more, but that's for you to add in the comments. Enjoy.
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1/26/08   |   paul777

This is why many parents would never take their children to a hockey game. Any wonder why hockey is an after thought in the states?

1/19/08   |   PhilsPhan213

jman3890 wrote:

try that one too

That one should have been number 1 IMO

1/17/08   |   jman3890


try that one too

1/17/08   |   CriticalFanatic

I've been made aware of a fight that absolutely should have made this list.