NYU Graduation at Yankee Stadium - William Lopez Goes for Home Plate

Cleary the Yankees Weren't In Town, Visiting Graduate Fails to Reach Home Plate

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New York University held their graduation ceremony at Yankee Stadium because of construction conflicts at the usual location of Washington Square Park. The graduates were given one strict guideline - DO NOT GO ONTO THE FIELD.

For one young man, that was merely a yield sign and not a stop sign.

William Lopez of Manhasset, Long Island, jumped over the right field wall and dashed around the bases. Turning third, donned in his blue graduation gown, Lopez was nailed by the cutoff men -- NYPD Cops.
"I was trying to make it to home plate. I wanted to do a head-first dive. I almost made it, only 10 feet to go."
Check out the hilarious video above.

Lopez was told by the NYPD that he had ruined graduation. As you'll notice from the video, that was hardly the case.
'Are you kidding me? The crowd was cheering me on.' "
To top is all off, young Lopez even impressed his parents.
Lopez's father, Bob Lopez, said when he saw the figure running on the field, "My wife asked, 'Could that be William?' I said, 'No. That kid's an athlete."

Here's to William Lopez jumping into the real world with all the enthusiasm necessary to make something of himself and also, here's to the NYPD for demonstrating to the Yankees how to successfully stop visitors from reaching home plate.

Yer Out [NY Post]
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5/19/08   |   Gazzo   |   18 respect

In hindsight he was harmless, but again, it's not a regular baseball game where such antics are commonplace.  Security's job is to take down anybody doing anything stupid, not break down how white or how skinny they are before they do it.  I feel bad for the kid that he didn't get to make it to home plate, and am surprised an NYU graduation even needed security, but I'm glad the security that was there did their job.

Thats the problem. They didn't do there job. The whole thing is ridiculous. This kid did nothing wrong, and never posed a threat to anyone. Nor did anyone think he did. The security staff just wanted to flex there muscles.

5/18/08   |   Gazzo   |   18 respect

What did you expect?  It's pretty damn stupid to make any kind of sudden movement in New York anymore.  When that big a group of people are gathered, you never know what that douche could have under his robe.

You've got to be kidding, right? The kid just wanted to run the bases. If you look he doesn't even have PANTS ON!

5/17/08   |   CalBoomer   |   43 respect

Better jail than Yale!

5/16/08   |   JewelOfSong   |   7 respect

"Turning third, donned in his blue graduation gown..."

Just thought I'd point out that the gowns are actually purple. The official school mascot is now the bobcat, but the sports teams used to go by the name of the NYU Fighting Violets. Gayest school ever -- lucky me ;)

5/15/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

The kid should have seen the 3rd Base academic advisor putting up the stop sign. You just can't run through signs like that.

5/15/08   |   JewelOfSong   |   7 respect

If NYU had held graduation at Yankee Stadium when I was graduating 5 years ago, I would have actually gone to it :P

5/15/08   |   Gazzo   |   18 respect

(Edited by Gazzo)

This kid is my hero. Shame on Yankees security and the NYPD for treating him like some kind of a criminal.