Nastia Liukin To Appear In Movie Called "Chalk It Up"
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Nastia Liukin Will Capitalize On Her Gold Medal By Starring In A Crappy Movie

8/25/08 in Olympics, Summer   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

And so it begins.

As we all know, once you win a gold medal in the Olympics, you've got to immediately try and cash in on it. If that means doing budget Power Bar commercials, or appearing on TV shows, whatever, get that cash in your pocket.

Nastia Liukin appears to have answered that call, as she will be in an almost guaranteed direct to DVD movie called "Chalk It Up" with flamboyantly gay comedian Mario Cantone. I smell Oscar people.

Now, don't think Liukin can't act. After all, she did appear in 2006's extremely well-known movie "Stick It!" And by "well-known" I mean "I vaguely recall it." Here's her clip from that movie (sorry, no sound).

Now, something tells that a movie called "Chalk It Up" will either be about gymnastics or billiards. Although I'm guessing Liukin isn't a big pool player, but who knows.

Hopefully for Liukin, this acting gig will spur a series of movies with even more hilarious titles such as "Vault It Up!", "Stick That Landing!", and "Alicia Sacramone Cost Us Team Gold."

Personally, I think she should star in a movie where she hunts down the underage Chinese gymnasts and forces them to confess that they're actually 9 years old. Call it "Operation Beijing Revenge." I'd totally drop $10 to see that.

Mario Cantone and Olympian Nastia Liukin to 'Chalk It Up' [Film School Rejects]
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8/26/08   |   cheerforallstars1234

I hope this doesn't detract from Nastia's incredible gymnastics career (she's on her way to becoming one of the best of all time).   She's pretty much worshipped in gymnastics circles, so I hate to see her getting made fun of as far as this movie is concerned.   In my opinion, she is too good for this acting stuff, but whatever. 

8/26/08   |   wannabducky06

i think its wrong of you to blame Sacramone for loosing the teams medal, had the other girls stepped it up a little more they may have still grabbed gold!  and anyways, they are really looking into the age of the chinese girls so who knows we could end up with more gold anyways! cuz if they are only 14, they will be stripped of their medals just like the 8 olympians that put down the wrong sex on their passport should have been.   i don't think she should do this movie but if she thinks that it will open up the doors to bigger and better things, then by all means!
do what ya gotta do!
as for operation beijing......thats just stupid!

8/25/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

I will be standing in line behind you for that "Operation Beijing Revenge". However she should not mess with Sacramone just asked this frat boy.