New York Islanders Ice Girls Commercial
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NHL Ice Girls Make Any Commercial 10 Times Better

11/21/08 in NHL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

As you all know, we're big fans of cheerleaders and their varying offshoots, such as dancers and what not. But one group we definitely don't give enough love to is the ice girls of the NHL. These ladies work tirelessly to, uh, I think occasionally scrape ice off the rink or something at times. Oh, and look great doing it. That's the most important thing.

Well, today we're giving them their due. Here are the NY Rangers ice girls (courtesy of Puck Daddy) appearing in an ad for Parts Authority that admittedly seems like it should be a beer ad instead.

As Puck Daddy hilariously notes, "Needs more jacking." Indeed.

But that's not all. Like I said, these ladies do some impressive work, so let's take a look at them in action.

They help clean the ice after hat tricks.

They're also pretty good figure skaters.

They make reffing more fun.

And let's not forget that they do the same stuff as regular cheerleaders, but on skates. Major bonus points for that.

Nice work ladies. Keep up the good work. And maybe this post will get some of you out there to tune into NHL games. Even if it's only for the ice girls, that's still an improvement.
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11/22/08   |   Chicago   |   38 respect

Don't forget The Chicago Blackhawks Ice Gals, voted #1 in 2007/08


11/21/08   |   kteacher   |   34423 respect

You know what all teams with Ice girls have in common?  They suck.

(Just me being jealous because Detroit doesn't have any)

Well as a 20 year+ fan of the Kings (who haven't won anything yet) this is the first year for ice girls, and although I love to poke fun at two of the girls skating abilities, the team has been playing harder this year. And, I have never seen the ice so clean.

11/21/08   |   kteacher   |   34423 respect

Poor Islanders-------even when their name is clearly represented they are still outshined by the Rangers.

11/21/08   |   RainMan   |   381 respect

Ice girls are hot, but the Rangers don't need cheerleaders to pump up the crowd, the fans can take care of themselves.

11/21/08   |   YankeeDudeL   |   15 respect

Might be suttin to that, just by looking around here.

11/21/08   |   gobigblue1960   |   4805 respect

Somehow, my fellow referees and I don't look like that in stripes. God Bless the Ice Dancers of Tampa Bay!!

11/21/08   |   hskrdave   |   10820 respect

 really?  Not one ice girl could actually put a tire on, that they had to dub over the drill sounds?  I mean one of the islander girls had to be from jersey at one point right?