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Nothing Like Getting a Sponsorship at Age 4

2/6/08 in Horse Racing   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I'm not sure what you were doing at age 4 - I believe I was still crapping my pants - but I bet you weren't doing what Arron Butterfield is doing.

Butterfield is something akin to the Tiger Woods of horse jump racing, primarily because he's good at what he does at a ridiculously young age, and also because he's picking up dough at the ripe old age of 4.

The kid recently landed four different sponsorship deals worth a total of £3,750. Don't laugh, that's the equivalent of about US $1.2 million with the way the dollar is going right now.

But I'm sure you're saying to yourself, horse jumping? That isn't tough at all. No, not at all, except, you know, when this happens.

Or when this happens.

The kid's hero is also 12-time Champion jump jockey Tony McCoy, who just suffered a severe injury in a fall.

So, in other words, this sport is somewhere between bare knuckled MMA and alligator wrestling, at least in terms of severe injuries. So why on earth would anyone let their 4-year-old kid do this?

Let's ask his dad.

"We didn't want to force him to ride if he didn't want to but ever since he was tiny, he has loved horses." [Translation: I like money.]

And what do you do to protect him?

"He wears a little body protector and, though he has had a couple of falls, there are never any tears - he's very brave." [Translation: If he cries, I'll beat him.]

Anyway, I wish this kid the best. Here's hoping he makes it to 10.
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