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O.J. Mayo falls victim to Euro soccer star masquerading as high school referee

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Update: I guess the video has been taken down on Youtube. So here's the new link

High School phenom O.J. Mayo has gotten himself into trouble. From what I can see it seems to be the result of an overly dramatic referee.

Mayo received two technical fouls in the contest, and by the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission rule, he would have to miss Huntington's next two games -- Tuesday against nationally ranked Artesia from Lakewood, Calif., at Duke University in Durham, N.C., and Friday against Scott County (Ky.) at the University of Kentucky. Huntington is the nation's No. 1 ranked team in three of four polls and is top-ranked in West Virginia.

Mayo scored on a breakaway dunk over Capital's Tyrone Goard with 5:15 left in the game that gave Huntington a 61-43 lead -- the largest spread of the game -- and was issued a technical foul for taunting by referee Mike Lazo. Mayo retreated to the other end of the court but continued to argue with Goard and other Capital players, and Lazo gave the 6-foot-5 guard a second technical, his fifth overall foul. Mayo followed Lazo to the scorers table to dispute the call and video of the incident showed Mayo bump into the official from behind and Lazo fell to the court.

Ok, three things:
- Mayo is a man playing with boys (includes refs)
- Sweet dunk
- Some might call it a 'bump' ... I call it a 'flop'

You be the judge. Great find as always by The Postmen.

O.J. Mayo is good at making people dive (The Postmen)
Mayo may be out 2 games (Herald-Dispatch)
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1/29/07   |   Pridg

I would have to agree to the fact that the ref played on it a little but looking at it closely, the guy may have tripped over the 6'5" guards feet...now I don't know but hey he could be put up for an Oscar...my I have the envelope please.....

1/29/07   |   Sz3

The first one was deserved, the second one the ref thought he was a hero.

The flop was just absurd.

1/29/07   |   Fat

I agree the ref took a dive.  However, I think it is also important to note that OJ is a punk.  Why taunt like that after the dunk?  Why continue to taunt after you get one techincal?  We all know you are better than anyone else on the floor.  We all know that you are going to be an NBA lottery pick one day.  What is the point of taunting and getting a tech and then not playing for your team for two days.  PUNK!!!!


Do you think he would be a Bengal?

1/29/07   |   kantwistaye   |   4215 respect

That ref is everything that is wrong in officiating today.  They think they are apart of the show.  The only good ref is one that you don't notice.