Oh Tigers Fans, How I Envy You

10/15/06 in MLB   |   Matt   |   6 respect

First off congratulations on making it to the World Series. I know it has been a long time coming for those of you that were rooting back in 1984. However, this may be more special for those of you who have only heard tales of a World Series in Detroit. It is your time to shine in the spotlight.

I think the video sums up my jealousy. So for those of us who have never sniffed the success that the Tigers have achieved, Good Luck.

And to all of you who still have not enjoyed this feeling, there is always Next Year.
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10/15/06   |   Marshall

That is such a great video to see. I remember goin to games a few year back and my buddy and I honestly being the only people in our entire section. A season filled with moments like this has made all those losing season worth the wait.