Ohio State Tuba Player Hits Camera With Tuba

If The Entire Ohio State Team Hit As Hard As This Tuba Player, They'd Win A National Championship

9/13/09 in NCAAF   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Everyone loves the "dotting the i" tradition at Ohio State... except for the cameraman that ended up on the business end of this tuba, as the tuba player took a bow. But in the end, I'm sure the cameraman still had a better night than most OSU fans, who watched their team collapse down the stretch and drop another big game to a top opponent.

At least Ohio State's tuba player went out with a bang [Dr. Saturday]
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9/13/09   |   cajunbuckeye   |   243 respect

i thought he hit the damn camera, that has to be the best hit all night, came out of nowhere and bang dropped him,wonder if that willbe on the tape they watch during the week!!!ha ha ha  i wonder if he damaged his instrument.....what a honor dot the eye and dot the eye of the camera man also....2-0 for the dotter........

9/13/09   |   billywa   |   658 respect

Among the many college football traditions I love, the dotting of the "i" is one of the coolest!  What made this one even better was ESPN highlighting the guy, showing his parents in the stands, the tears on his face as he did the dotting, and him saying "Look out!" right before he took his bow and bonked the camera/cameraman!

9/13/09   |   srvntofjesus   |   13 respect

best hit of the game.   keep high steppin it my man:)

9/13/09   |   sprode   |   52 respect

I don't think anything can prevent choking in the Buckeye state.

9/13/09   |   elevenbravo138again   |   1163 respect

This is shaping up to be a 10-2 season which I guess is 'disappointing' in Columbus.  But that Sousaphone players was jacked up, let him fire the team up!

9/13/09   |   THE_Smoot   |   70 respect

Band for the win. At least they didn't have to do the Hoedown Throwdown like I did. >___<.

9/13/09   |   BestofChicago   |   51 respect