Old, Washed Up Wrestler Molests TV Reporter

Santa Claus Has Really Let Himself Go

6/4/08 in WWE   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I've spent very little time in the South over the years, and after watching this video, it'll probably stay that way.

In case you ever wondered what happened to fake wrestlers after their careers ended, and they're totally washed up, here you go.

This video features former wrestler Boogie Woogie Man (I totally...have no clue who he is) who turned up at some random school fundraiser in the South yesterday and promptly decided to molest a TV reporter live on the air.

At least I think the guy in this video is a former wrestler. Either that or Santa's had an awful rough offseason.
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6/4/08   |   kizzlep

he was trying to get some Boogie Woogie