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Oregon High Schooler J.J. Ross Full Court Dunk > Dwight Howard, Gerald Green

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This dunk is a little over a month old, but thanks to The Big Lead it's been brought to our attention.

Best dunk I've seen this year and that includes Superman and Birthday cupcake. Best dunk I'll see all year, I'm quite sure.

Hermiston (Oregon) senior J.J. Ross took a full court pass off the bounce and threw it down strong. The fact he's from Oregon should give it away, but allow me to point out that he's also white.

As you can imagine, this dunk continues to be the talk of the town.
"The next day when we went back to school, they showed all  the kids at class and everybody was amazed by it," said Ross, a 6-2 guard sr. guard with a 38-inch vertical leap. "I've got it on a DVD at my house. I've been replaying it probably like a hundred times."

"It was kind of a big deal," said coach Larry Usher. "All the coaches around here have been asking me about it. Never in my 15 years of being in basketball have I ever seen anything like it. It was absolutely amazing. Not only the physical aspect of it, but just the timing of it. Him being able to grab the ball with one hand and throw that dunk down was was absolutely unbelievable. The first thing that went through my mind was 'What a great pass.' We told Riley Smith 'In a million years you couldn't do that over a gain.'  It was a fantastic pass.  On the bench, the first thing that went through our minds was that Riley overthrew it and it went too far and were hoping that JJ would just get a hand on it."
I would agree that final point. Riley Smith needs some serious credit for the pass. You have to wonder how many times they've failed to replicate the play again in practice. My guess is more than they've watched the video highlight.
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That is definitely one of the coolest dunks I have ever Seen!!  That guy made the dunk contest winner look like Fred Hoiberg!!