Pac-10 Officials Make Fran Fraschilla Want To Throw Up

3/7/08 in NCAABB   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

One more nugget on the Stanford-UCLA game last night. We'll all forget this game in a couple weeks, but this was a strong comment from an analyst worth mentioning.

Fran Fraschila joined Mike Greenberg this morning in Mike & Mike and had this to say in response to last night's Pac-10 battle.

"There's one place left in my opinion where that still goes on, where the home team, or the team that's favored to win, gets the advantage. I hate to say it, it's the Pac-10," Fraschilla said. "I wanted to run into a bathroom and throw up last night after that call, because I felt bad for that Stanford team."

The Pac-10 may very well be the best conference this year, but it appears they've got an issue with officiating and that isn't limited to just hoops.

Darren Collison even admitted it was a clean block: "I was fortunate to get a foul on that call," Collison said. "I heard it was a makeup."
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