Patriots TUCK rule...

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Here is the thing I have been wondering about since Spygate came to light. Of all the teams that the New England Patriots reportedly stole signals from, never once have I read the Oakland Raiders. Maybe I am just a sports-romantic who is still upset about the "tuck rule," or maybe I am on to something here. The tuck rule is no Immaculate Reception. Franco Harris was lucky. This is the Immaculate Deception. Tom Brady was "lucky."

Did a Boston paper fabricate the story about the Patriots taping the walk-through for the St. Louis Rams, which they truly did, but as a red herring to discredit Matt Walsh? Gee, I wonder.

Everyone wonders: How can stealing-signals be that important? Well, chew on this. How did Bill Belichick know that CB Charles Woodson would blitz Tom Brady? How did Tom Brady know to pump-fake? How did Bill Belichick know exactly what to challenge when he threw the red flag? Were the Patriots stealing signals during the Snow Job  (if you remember, the Patriots stunk in the first half before looking brilliant in the second half)?  The final question though is not whether it should have been a fumble, but: Why was it not a sack?

The ramifications of a victory by the Raiders: No Adam Vinatieri heroics while a trade-deal or the bench loomed as the future of QB Tom Brady, not QB Drew Bledsoe (whom they traded to Buffalo). No "genius" Bill Belichick either. Meanwhile, Coach Jon Gruden *probably* would not have been traded from Oakland to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who of course defeated the Oakland Raiders in the 2002-2003 Super Bowl.

NFL Fans, GET OVER IT!!!  The New England Patriots were JUST THAT GOOD!!!!!
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3/13/09   |   ChargerJim   |   80 respect

Whenever I hear a Raider fan whine about "The Tuck Rule" game, I can usually shut them up by saying two words......."Holy Roller." Works every time.