Paul Davis More Than Happy To Get Dunked On By Dwyane Wade

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I'm sure you've seen this Gatorade commercial featuring Dwyane Wade a few times. Well, I'm posting this mostly because I just had a conversation over the weekend debating whether Paul Davis got paid to get dunked on or not.

Thanks to With Leather via the LA Times I got my answer. Yes.
"So how exactly did Davis' involvement come about?
"I got a call from my agent wondering if I wanted to do a commercial with [Wade] and I said, 'Yeah' " Davis said.

"He said, 'The only thing is . . . you kind of, sort of, get dunked on.' "

"I said, 'Well how much is it for?' And he told me and I said, 'I'll get dunked on for that.' "
Wouldn't you have loved to sit it on the ad development meeting?

- OK, now we need Dwyane to go in a dunk on somebody.
- Who?
- Tall white guy, of course.
- Alright, I'll call Chris Kaman
- No, no. He's too ugly. How about Davis?

Good call by Paul. 1) he has experience getting dunked on in college 2) it's his only chance to be in a commercial of any kind.

Paul Davis will get dunked on for cash [With Leather]
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The pride of Michigan State there. lol