Pink Slip Friday for Dennis Franchione and Bill Callahan

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Since mid-season it was inevitable this day would come -- Bill Callahan and Dennis Franchione out as head coach of Nebraska and Texas A&M respectively. Technically, Fran "resigned" and it wasn't exactly a pretty scene at the post-game conference. Franchione announced his 'resignation' out of respect for the university and its football program:
"Let me say that Kim and I have arrived at a decision to step down as head football coach out of respect and love for the players, this university and for its football program," Franchione said. "I've always said that coaches exist for only one reason, and that is the players. We have an outstanding group of young men on this team that I'm really proud of — especially great people — and we want them to know that we love them and we feel blessed for the time together."
Now the rumors begin with Tommy Tuberville at the top, although such names as Steve Spurrier and Butch Davis oddly remain in the mix. Who do you think will replace Fran?

Bill Callahan didn't get to leave on his own terms, he was fired this morning after embarrassing the Cornhuskers football program one last time. Osborne took care of the business he was re-hired to perform:
"We went 43 seasons without a losing season," Osborne said at a press conference two hours later. "In the last four years, we had two...the buck stops with Bill Callahan."
Let the coaching carousel commence.
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