President Bush Makes Little Girl Run Off Crying At White House T-Ball Game

Dubya Strikes Out With One Young Lady

7/17/08 in MLB   |   Jon   |   5 respect

Wednesday wasn't completely devoid of sports action. President Bush hosted a tee ball game at the White House. He was joined by Frank Robinson, Ryne Sandberg, John Smoltz & Kevin Millar for an evening of food and baseball fun.

The highlight of the evening was this young player who ran off crying when she was introduced to the President.  Bush is just lucky they don't take little girls sent running off crying into account when they calculate approval ratings. All he did was say that if she kept playing, she could be like Dan Uggla someday. What's so bad about that? Oh, right.

Video: [Chicago Tribune] - HT: [Videogum]
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7/18/08   |   danny_n94   |   114 respect

Or if she didnt behave he'd make her look at Pelosi

7/18/08   |   TurkogluForMVP   |   50 respect

Or what gas prices used to be...

7/17/08   |   RichmondSpider

He must have tried to explain our involvement in the war to her...