Pro Basketball Cheerleaders: America Vs Europe

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Go out, get drunk, take racy photos of yourselves.

I don't know, since I don't have pictures. But they probably go out and drink a lot of beer.

EDGE: US, clearly.


I approve.

Tony Parker approves.

CONCLUSION: European cheerleaders definitely aren't quite at the NBA cheerleader level yet, but if they stop dressing like forest nymphs, start doing some pelvic thrusts, and take racy photos of themselves, there will be no stopping them.

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1/26/09   |   chrisk67 it me or in the picture with the Suns a little to much showing for? Do you see what I see (green boots?) I like it, wish the pic was bigger.

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Speaking of which, why aren't there cheerleaders in the Olympics?  Clearly somebody needs to come up with a venue for an international cheerleading competition of some kind.  Let's start out with the FIBA world championships.

4/6/08   |   Keeter   |   92 respect

You know.....I think if you look closely enough at the Sun-ette (top pic) on the lower right, I believe you'll see more than just the camel's "toe" (so to speak........)       

4/6/08   |   NittanyJon   |   246 respect

The video from the Greek League was classic. The car horn noises from the crowd was too obnoxious.  

4/5/08   |   peter1

Click and then scroll down for some crooked noses to browse through... 

Or google any professional teams in Poland...easily the best of the best...

Don't take this like a Chris Farley/O'Doyle from Billy Madison comment, but they don't have BO...I know from personal experience.

4/4/08   |   peter1

You have obviously never attended a basketball game in: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Russia, or the Ukraine.  The argument is like comparing the most beautiful, natural girls from the neighborhood(who are friendly, will accompany you on a night out, and quite possibly also escort you home) with a bunch of Dr. 90210 patients who THINK they can dance, who THINK they're hot,  and who BELIEVE they should be treated like royalty.  An American cheerleader will never cook you dinner.  A Polish cheerleader will serve it to you naked.