Ramon Sessions Spoils Gilbert Arenas Return

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Gilbert's back!

Agent Zero surprised everyone by returning to the court after a 66 game absence. Naturally, the unpredictable Arenas would hop back into action without any notice. Gilbert scored 17 points in 20 minutes on 5-for-9 shooting.

Unfortunately, this joyous return was coupled with a disaster of a loss.

DC Sports Bog summed up how the Wizards managed to lose this game best:
"In the second way, you can be at home, against one of the worst teams in the NBA, with all your superstars available, including one who had only just made a surprising and electric return, and you can have your stars smiling and laughing on the bench into the fourth quarter, and then you can fritter away most of that lead in the final three minutes before undergoing one of the worst 10-second stretches imaginable in team sports, a stretch in which you take a one-point lead, and then three of your starters (including one who was hosting a dance-heavy birthday party later that evening) get injured virtually simultaneously, and you get the ball only to lose the ball, and then someone you didn't even know was in the NBA hits the game-winning shot over your franchise player with no time left on the clock. And your announcer can punctuate that loss by saying something like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.""
In video form below, Ramon Sessions, yes, Nevada's Ramon Sessions stole the inbounds pass and hit the game winner much to the displeasure of Wizards Steve Buckhantz.

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Pretty sure the only way Ramon Sessions gets another headline ever is if he ends up in jail.  So here's to hoping he's never in a headline ever again.