Ravens, Eagles, Steelers Fans Go Great Lengths To Celebrate Conference Championship Games

It Appears Only Cardinals Fans Are Sane

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You probably heard about the mayor of Pittsburgh yesterday, Luke Ravenstahl, who decided to temporarily change his name to Luke Steelerstahl in support of the Steelers for the upcoming AFC Championship. It's a bold move to gain votes for his election later this year show support for the team, but it's actually not even the weirdest thing that's been done by a fan of the teams playing in the conference championships.

Yes, it seems Steelerstahl has been completely passed in sheer ridiculousness by this Ravens fan, who kept adding lights to his home, and created a lit field, in celebration of each Ravens playoff win. There's even music to go along with it.

Perhaps you think the lights are a bit tacky. That's fine. Then I guess these Eagles fans who created their own backyard football field in honor of the Eagles being on the verge of losing their 4th NFC championship game in the last 8 years is more up your alley.

Of course, whoever winds up in the Super Bowl will have this guy below from Hawaii replicate Raymond James Stadium with the requisite team logos on the field, just like he did last year for Super Bowl XLII. First is the Patriots side of the field:

And here's the Giants part:

But of course, the real question is where the hell are the Cardinals fans, and what are they doing? I don't know, but here's my suggestion, and it has nothing to do with lame backyard fields.

I smell a Super Bowl for the Cardinals, no question.

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1/15/09   |   hwsteelers   |   22 respect

Just remember nobody thought the Giants would beat the Patriots last year. Cards could pull it off!

1/15/09   |   mvitale03

This guy is on drugs if he thinks Eagles are losing on Sunday

1/15/09   |   NYMets7ss   |   56 respect

 lol this is good stuff