Sam Bradford Goes Airborne, Oklahoma Sooners Beat Oklahoma State 61-41

Sam Bradford Went All Out For This Win Against Ok. State [Video]

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In a game that could very well be the deciding factor in the Big 12 South, Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State 61-41, and may have clinched a berth in the Big 12 Championship game.

The Sooners are now tied with Texas and Texas Tech atop the Big 12 South, and the team with the highest BCS ranking will win the division and move on to play Missouri for the Big 12 Championship. Last week, Texas was ranked ahead of Oklahoma, but by the slimmest of margins. The Sooners are hoping that their big win over Oklahoma State will be impressive enough to help them make up for the .084 points by which they trailed Texas.

One of the highlights of the game was from the above video, when Sam Bradford tried desperately to score on a play that deteriorated and he was forced to run. Bradford got hit as he neared the goal line, and did a full flip in the air as he came up short of the goal line.

While I'm sure Bob Stoops loved his desire to win, I'm sure this isn't something he wants to see happening to the potential Heisman winner, especially right before the end of the season, when Oklahoma has a great chance of fighting for a conference championship, and a subsequent BCS National Championship.

Congrats to Bradford and the Sooners on a wonderful season so far, and a likely Big 12 South championship.
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Bradford is going to be so glad he made that dive (and flip).  That's one of those highlights we're going to see for a long time to come. 

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As Mizzou lost to Kansas last night... Im sure an upset over who ever it is would be pretty astronomical.

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watch him run... run... run.... FLY!!!

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I almost peed my pants when he went airborn. Great game and great win. Unlike Texas and Tech, OU won a true road game against a ranked team. Get ready Missouri.