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Sunshine State Rivals Set Up Saturday Hockey [Live NHL Thread]

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Greetings, puckheads! My co-hosts Bryan (kramer), Debi (JrCanuckFan) and I welcome you to yet another day of hockey on the Q! We have seven games today to kick off the weekend and get us ready for Hockey Day in America tomorrow. There are two games airing on NHL Network, so even if you don't have the Center Ice package or local channels that broadcast hockey you should be able to enjoy a game or both. Let's get started. (All times eastern.)


Blog Photo - Saturday Night Hockey Open Game ThreadGame: Lightning (6-6-1) @ Panthers (4-6-3)
Broadcast: NHLN-CA, NHLN-US, SUN, FS-F
Debi - I was really impressed by the Lightning's come back on Wednesday night against the Montreal Canadiens.  I don't think home advantage will help the Panthers in this matchup.  The Bolts take it
Bryan - I'm with Debi, the Panthers are now finding ways to lose.  The Bolts never say die, they win this battle for the Sunshine State.
Jess - A couple of southern teams to start us off today eh? This should actually be a pretty good game. Florida is struggling but they haven't outright lost any more games than the Lightning. I'm going against the grain here and picking the Panthers to gain 2pts in this matchup and move up the ladder just a bit.


Game: Senators (7-5-2) @ Maple Leafs (8-6-0)
Broadcast: CBC
Debi - Much as I hate this, Toronto and Ottawa are both off to a pretty good start to their season.  I think the Leafs will triumph though.
Bryan - The Sens are wearing thin, and no Brian Murray, Matt Cooke shouldn't be in a league where all the "goons" play.  You're still mad at the Pens for all those years you choked in the playoffs against them as the Caps head coach (yes, I went there).  I'm picking Toronto in this one, injuries are starting to catch up to Ottawa
Jess - I'm taking the Leafs here too. 

Blog Photo - Saturday Night Hockey Open Game ThreadGame: Flyers (6-8-1) @ Canadiens (8-4-1)
Broadcast: CBC, RDS, NHLN-US, CSN-PH
Debi - If I didn't pick the Habs, my son would never forgive me, and I think they will take this one, but it isn't going to be easy.  The Flyers might not have the stats, but they are tough.  I think it will be a very physical game but the Habs will prevail.
Bryan - The Flyers couldn't hold on last game in New Jersey, I doubt they're gonna have an easier time with the Habs.  I'm picking the home team...Debi, are we channeling each other or something?indecision
Jess - The last time I watched any part of a Flyers game, it seemed as if they were confused out there. It didn't feel like there was much communication or that the team doesn't click or something. I'm not sure if that was a one-game thing or if that's where Philadelphia is this year but my money is on the latter. Until these guys get on the same page, I think they'll continue to struggle. Canadiens.

Game: Devils (9-2-3) @ Islanders (5-7-1)
Broadcast: MSG, MSG PLUS
Debi - New Jersey is third overall while the Islanders are struggling, so I think this one is a no brainer.
Bryan - The Isles ended their losing streak with a shootout win at MSG 2 nights ago...but the Devils have already had their bi-weekly regulation loss.  Road team wins this even though the Isles will be the fresher team.
Jess - As good as the Devils have been so far this season, that's as bad as the Isles have been. I'm not entirely sure this game is set in stone though. I'm choosing this as my upset special of the night.

Game: Ducks (10-2-1) @ Predators (7-3-4)
Broadcast: PRIME, SPSO
Debi - WOW, look at those Ducks go!  I can't say I'm surprised.  Even with the extended "off-season" they were strong at the end of last year and I only see that strength continuing.  After all, they just beat the Chicago Blackhawks.  The Preds aren't too shabby either, but I believe the Ducks will be "mighty" in this matchup *snort*
Bryan - I see what you did there.  The Ducks have just beat the Blackhawks and the Wings on the road in their last 2 games.  Winning at the Joe last night was huge.  However, the Preds are riding back-to-back shutouts into this game.  Can this one end in a tie and we just say the hell with the shootout?  With how inconsistent the Preds have been though, I gotta go with the Ducks to not only end that shutout streak, but continue their winning ways on this road trip.
Jess - I hope you guys are right. I see this game on the schedule every time and think "Ugh. Pekka Rinne". And then I giggle, because the name Pekka Rinne tickles me. There's something special about these Ducks this year; something I haven't seen in a few years. They didn't play great against the Stars or the Blackhawks and sometimes frustrate me, but they've got this "never give up" attitude. If people want to see the Ducks at their best, tuning in for the 3rd period is always a good bet. 
Game: Blue Jackets (4-8-2) @ Coyotes(6-6-2)
Broadcast: FS-O, FS-A
Debi - I just don't know what to think in this one.  Columbus has had a couple of stellar moments this season, but their stats don't reflect that.  I think I might have to pick them in this matchup.
Bryan - I want to pick Columbus in the upset with as Kordell Stewart-like inconsistent as Phoenix has been this year, but I can't do it...Coyotes get the W.
Jess - Coyotes at home.


Game: Avalanche (5-6-1) @ Oilers (5-5-3)
Broadcast: CBC, RDS2, ALT
Debi - Ugh.  I just can't pick Edmonton.  I can't.  I'm picking the Avs.
Bryan - I can't either, they're still not good enough.  Avs make their road record appear a little more presentable with the win at Edmonton.
Jess - I love when teams are this well matched. It usually turns out a little better than when that happens in the NFL. This will probably be a very fun game to watch despite the fact that both of these teams are struggling so much right now. Of course, I'll always pick the Avalanche when I have no vested interest in the opposing team, and I'm mad at the Oilers right now. 

And would one of my threads would be complete without a fun video from Let's watch some goalies do what they do with style...

Gives me giddy belly every time.

Who are your picks? Who are you watching? Q it up here for some Saturday hockey on FanIQ!
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2/16/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

So far on the night I'm 5-1 with one game left in progress.

2/16/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

I could see it coming with the Panthers.  I knew when Stamkos scored that PP goal it was over, just a matter of how long it was gonna take the Bolts to tie it up.  The Panthers can't hold a lead against a team with any sort of firepower.

I loved seeing the '63 Leafs introduced in Toronto before the game, that was cool.

I'm glad I was wrong on the Isles, Jess nailed her upset pick!

Ducks win in the SO, and complete a hell of a road trip!

2/16/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Wow, the Avs scored quickly on the Oilers (happy dance)

2/16/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Les Canadiens have defeated Philly - that makes two for me.

Buuuuuut, the Islanders beat New Jersey???? and by 5-1???? Holy hockey Batman!

2/16/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

And I was afraid the loss of Karlsson would be just too much for Ottawa to deal with.  They are going to have to get the poop in a group.  Toronto is leading them in the third period by 2.  A big goose egg for Ottawa at this point.

2/16/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Tampa Bay has dropped the Panthers in OT and game one is done.  One for me cheeky

2/16/13   |   orangemen90   |   5785 respect

Panthers are going to have to improve some to make the playoffs this year....

2/16/13   |   marcus_nyce   |   27716 respect

Thanx for teaming up and putting the reverse jinx on my Habs.