Seattle Times Columnist Interviews Ichiro Bobblehead

I'm Pretty Sure The Bobblehead Is The Smartest Guy In This Room

5/9/08 in Media   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Sometimes people ask me, '100%, what do you have against mainstream sports journalism?'

You mean aside from the fact that a lot of it sucks? And the fact that idiots like Bob Costas think they're the reincarnation of Woodward and Bernstein when the most important thing they've ever done is interview Tiger at Augusta. It's not exactly rocket science, Bob.

The main reason why I hate the mainstream media (and I'm a guy who has a journalism degree for crying out loud) is because the people in it seem to think they're a step or two above us common fans, when they aren't at all. They're just like you and me. Just another idiot giving their opinion on sports.

And here's a classic example. Let's have a columnist interview a bobblehead! Nothing says serious journalism like a bobblehead interview, right Seattle Times?. Right.

Honestly, how in God's name is this guy's opinion any more valid than mine or yours? He's interviewing a damn bobblehead for crying out loud (Although I do appreciate his effort, until he likely tells me I'm a blogger who lives in my mom's basement).

Anyway, there's a reason why most newspapers refer to the their sports department as "the toy department." As in, there's no reason to take these people seriously, ever. And neither should we, despite what we're made to believe.

[HT: Deadspin]

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