Sebastian Janikowski Attempts 76-Yard Field Goal

I Think Lane Kiffin Is Actually Trying To Get Fired At This Point

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While the majority of the country yesterday was treated to the epic Redskins vs. Cowboys showdown in Dallas, I was unfortunate lucky enough to get the Raiders vs. Chargers game here in the Bay Area.

And while we all know Lane Kiffin is expected to be fired any day now, it seemed like he had plans to speed up the process and see if he could get that to happen by halftime.

For some reason, just before halftime with the Raiders leading 15-0, Kiffin let Sebastian Janikowski - who admittedly does have a huge leg - attempt a 76-yard field goal. That's 13 yards more than the longest field goal in NFL history, and apparently Janikowski's attempt was into a slight headwind as well. As absurd as that sounds, what's even more absurd is that the Raiders actually called a timeout with one second left in the half to set this thing up rather than just let the clock run out.

Considering you can return missed field goals that lands short of the goal post, and the Chargers had Antonio Cromartie back there, who has taken a missed field goal to house before, Kiffin's decision was stupid beyond belief. While the Raiders didn't have to pay for it, one can only wonder what would happened had Cromartie indeed returned it for a touchdown. My guess is Al Davis would have had Kiffin burned at the stake, immediately.

The interesting thing though is that the NFL apparently doesn't keep track of the length of attempted field goals that missed. So it's not known if Janikowski's 76-yard attempt is the longest in NFL history. But I'll go out on a limb though and say yes it is, by far.

As for Kiffin, after this insane move, combined with letting 2 wins slip away in the last two weeks, I'd have to think he gets canned this week. Otherwise, if that doesn't happen, expect to see the Raiders run at least four quadruple reverse hook-and-ladder play this next Sunday.
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9/30/08   |   huskerdoug2009   |   2796 respect

Al Davis fired Kiffen the way I expected him to, with typical Raiders class.  A cell phone call Al?  The way Davis does things I am surprised their was no knife in Lane's back with a pink slip attached to it.  Raider management's motto should be we talk the talk but then AT$T or Sprint does our dirty work.

9/29/08   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

That kick is long even by Tecmo Super Bowl standards.

9/29/08   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

kingmaj wrote:
well i really hope he is trying to get fired because i cant stand the site of him.hopefully mr.davis will let the AX fly big time

Really? I'd love to hear some sort of justification from a Raiders fan who thinks Kiffin should be fired. That might be the most retarded thing that I've heard all week. There is no chance in hell that any respectable coach would want to work under Al Davis, and once they (undeservedly) fire Kiffin, they will have trouble finding anyone competent enough to drag them out of their current state of mediocrity that will actually accept the position. There are about 20 college coordinator jobs that are better than the Raiders head coaching position, and have better chance for a future, also.

The Raiders' job is a career-killer. So unless it's a young guy like Kiffin coming from a relatively inexperienced background, there's no reason anyone would want to put up with Al Davis' BS when they know the team is bound to suck anyway, with the way they undermine head coaches there.

The entire franchise is a joke, and Al Davis needs to let the axe fly big time in his OWN direction.

9/29/08   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

This is Georga Costanza level of trying to get fired.

9/29/08   |   brianhaslip

This was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. I wish Cromartie had taken it to the house though.

9/29/08   |   Variant   |   1 respect

what was Drugikowski smoking... I know the guy has a leg but so does my dead Grandma... she is in a wheel chair... and I think she had as good of a shot of making that field goal as he did...

9/29/08   |   kingmaj

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well i really hope he is trying to get fired because i cant stand the site of him.hopefully mr.davis will let the AX fly big time