Shaquille O'Neal Kisses Daniel Baldwin During A Game

Shaq Kissed A Baldwin. During A Game. No, Seriously.

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After getting fouled on an alley-oop attempt, Shaquille O'Neal crawled over to B-list actor Daniel Baldwin and gave him a hug and a kiss in the second quarter of the Cavaliers-Trail Blazers game.

Baldwin was wearing a Blazers jersey at the time, but it didn't stop the Big Diesel from showing him some love.

But what's your take on Shaq's in-game antics? Funny? Or out of place?

Shaq Kissed Daniel Baldwin During Live Game [Hoop Doctors]
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2/7/10   |   BeanTownBrownie   |   19 respect

 oh back to the question @ hand
"But what's your take on Shaq's in-game antics? Funny? Or out of place?


2/7/10   |   BeanTownBrownie   |   19 respect

 :( jus wishin I was a Baldwin... lol... LUVWILDTHING.. I'm witcha on that *gropes shaq.. oh my bad I was jus tryna help u up*  ;)

1/14/10   |   jayisking

it was just to get puplicity

1/13/10   |   bigbueh64   |   298 respect

they were doing the secret PETA kiss

1/11/10   |   ILuvWildThing   |   2 respect

That's one thing you can say about our CAV's, if they land in your lap, their gonna "steal your fries or a kiss".... If they land in my lap, I'm gonna "steal a feel".......  ; )

1/11/10   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

Isiah Thomas approves.

1/11/10   |   KUANZINO   |   1 respect


1/11/10   |   HolyRollin   |   204 respect

Outrageous behavior = good for ratings. I say pucker up, buttercup.

1/11/10   |   BLKWOLF   |   89 respect


1/11/10   |   thequick13   |   3 respect

Pretty disgusting... but I think Sir Charles giving a wet-one to Dick Bavetta was a tad more disturbing. Either way...yuck

1/11/10   |   ojekeme1   |   600 respect

Shaq really wanted some french fries but he had o settle for a kiss of a second rate star.

1/11/10   |   drn0iswatr   |   731 respect

 honestly, wouldn't you?? wait...

1/11/10   |   justinedward   |   31 respect

Shaq is horrible and returning your calls after he does that....

1/11/10   |   elevenbravo138again   |   1163 respect

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And we hammered a hammered Broadway Joe for trying to lip lock Suzy Kolber?!  Now who needs rehab?  Come on Shaqtus he's not even the hottest of the Baldwins, was William unavailable?  Upgrade Shaq Upgrade!