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Shawn Eckardt / Brian Sean Griffith: Tonya Harding Bodyguard Who Put Hit on Nancy Kerrigan, Dead at 40

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One of the more bizarre events in sports history is relevant once again this evening. Tonya Harding's bodyguard who helped orchestrate the hit on Nancy Kerrigan's knee to help his client reach the Olympics passed away today at age 40.

Formerly Shawn Eckardt, he changed his name to Brian Griffith to get away from the attack.

If you're unfamiliar with this whole ordeal, the video above serves as a reminder.
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12/16/07   |   CriticalFanatic

Jubanator14 wrote:
Why!? Why!? Why!?
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Those watching Dolphins-Ravens probably can relate to Nancy Kerrigan today

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Why!? Why!? Why!?