Sidney Crosby/Jimmy Howard Fight

Sidney Crosby fights, whines when others fight back

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Not much beats a hockey fight, and when it includes one of the best players in the game, who's actually the one initiating all the contact and begging for a fight to happen, and gets denied? It's a little better.

Crosby maintains Howard had no business being involved.

“I don’t know what he was doing,’’ Crosby said. “It was one of those things, a couple guys battling at the end. I knew the linesman was in there. I don’t know whether (Howard) wanted a free shot, but I don’t think it was any place for him to be.’’

“Just helping out a teammate, that’s all,’’ Howard said. “It’s become quite the rivalry, and we stick together out there.’’

Crosby cross-checked and slashed Zetterberg several times (even threw a punch) in front of the Red Wings net, triggering a melee in the final seconds of a Red Wings 3-1 victory. First, Bertuzzi stepped in and gave Crosby a face wash, and then Howard got involved.

It certainly isn't the best fight out there, but for what's been the best rivalry in the NHL the past few seasons, and seeing Detroit fall this season to a point where it's still iffy that they're going to make the playoffs - it makes for something to look forward in the improbable event they meet again. If not, there's always next year for these two teams.
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crosby is god!!!!
that is fact!!

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I don't care if he IS supposed to be the Canadian Kid or the next best thing or whatever, kudos to Jimmy Howard (yes James, after all that I did finally get to watch it)

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I couldn't watch the game, but kudos to Jimmy Howard,  the fans in Hockeytown are going to love this guy for a very long time.

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I watched the game last night and I saw all of it go down. Crosby got what he deserved, actually he should of gotten more than he did with those CHEAP SHOTS he threw on Zetterberg!

Reminds me of the good old days with the Av's
Roy Vs Vernon
Roy vs Osgood a year later

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kteacher wrote:

Me + hockey? I scared me too.

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