Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Open Thread

Can the Devils get past the white-hot kings to bring the series home another game? [Game 4 Live Game Thread]

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IfJune 4, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick (32) looks up against the New Jersey Devils during the third period in game three of the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals at the Staples Center.  Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE there's an MVP in these Stanley Cup Finals, it would have to be young goalie Jonathan Quick. When the other team out-shoots you and you shut them out, you have your goalie to thank. 

Will the Kings get the chance to hoist the Cup at home tonight? Or will the Devils kick it up a notch and take the series back home 3-1?

Blog Photo - Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Open ThreadIf LA wins tonight, it will mark the beginning of Lord Stanley's incredible journey with yet another team, hanging out with a new Kings player every day. In the past, he's had some crazy experiences, from being kicked into a canal to being forgotten alongside the road, being urinated in/on, to hanging out at pool parties, strip clubs, television shows, player-owned taverns, serving as a cereal bowl, a beer stein, and even a baby seat.

Another interesting thing about the cup is that there are a number of misspelled names. You would think that with something so important, enshrining a player's name for all of eternity, a little more caution would be in order, right? But, with hockey names, it's also to be expected that there might be some difficulty getting things right sometimes. 

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If the Devils come back to take the series, it will be their fourth Stanley Cup. If the Kings win, it'll be their first. Who are you rooting for? Watch tonight on NBC Sports at 8:00pm, and Q it up here with us!
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DallasFan55 wrote:
I'm rooting for the Kings. I'm still upset with the Devils taking out the NY Rangers. ..Let's go Kings!!!!


6/7/12   |   material_boy_1986

Gloria Italia! We gonna win this one!

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Let's go KINGS!!! 

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Let's go Kings!  I want to see this series end tonight.  It's been an improbable Cinderella run through the playoffs, going up 3-0 in every series as the EIGHT seed!  I'm looking back, when was the last time the Cup was won on home ice?  I know the last 4 years it's been on the road.

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I'm rooting for the Kings. I'm still upset with the Devils taking out the NY Rangers. ..Let's go Kings!!!!