Steve Goodwin Strikes 80-Yard Goal

This Is The Craziest Soccer Goal I've Ever Seen

5/3/08 in Soccer   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Soccer doesn't usually get me all that excited, but this video sure did.

Now, this is just some low-level British soccer league, but what happens is pretty amazing. Montgomery Town goalie Steven Goodwin, from the edge of his own penalty box, strikes an 80-yard bomb into the opposing team's net.

What's incredible about this is that it's off of a penalty, so everyone was set up on the other side of the field preparing for the kick, including the other goalie, and Goodwin still sent it into the net. One local politician has even set up a session in the British House of Commons to proclaim it one the greatest goals in English soccer history. And you know what, he's probably right.

You can watch a hundred years of soccer on every level - which I don't advise doing - and you'll probably never see anything like this again.

By the way. Worst. Celebration. Ever.
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