Streaker At Venus And Serena Williams Match At Australian Open

Australian Open: Come For The Ethnic Violence, Stay For The Streaker

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The Australian Open has been pretty awesome this year, to say the least. And while none of that awesomeness is necessarily in regards to anyone actually playing tennis, I'll still take it.

The newest goofy thing to go on at the Open is a roving nudist, who decided to scamper down onto the court during the Williams sisters doubles match today. Don't worry, it's safe for work (courtesy of Sports Rubbish).

The guy was actually running around for almost a full minute, and no one came after him. Now, you might be wondering why this streaker is allowed to run around with no one doing this to him. Well, apparently streakers are not the focus for security officials down under.

"The focus of the on-court security team is always on player protection. They are instructed not to chase offenders as their focus at all times must remain on the players. The on-court actions of the security personnel reflected this focus on player protection."

So if you want to streak at a major sporting event, I highly suggest the Australian Open.

This streaker of course brings the hilarity we seen so far at the Open, like Marat Safin's busted up face, and ballboys and net judges getting smacked in the face by tennis balls.

Less funny - rioting.

But then again, rioting has gotten me to at least acknowledge the Australian Open this year. Last year I didn't learn that the Australian Open had happened until June.

Australian Open streaker during Williams sister match [Sports Rubbish]
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 hi what up

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hey gonna play the game...let's make a 5 round lawn tennis on the astrodome, deal with it?

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nice move really did your utmost energy and power for the game...

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Tennis fans are out of control.....  Is there valet parking for tailgating.. Crikey....

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Just another example of Tennis' shortcomings. And yes, that was a joke.