Tampa Rays Versus Boston Red Sox Game 6 ALCS Live Thread [2008 MLB Playoffs]

I'm Hoping The Sox Win. Not Only Because I'm A Fan, But Also For More Great Videos Like These

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"I'm not distraught. Because, you know what? I'm not distraught at all, because you know that in all of history, in postseason, the Red Sox have never EVER let any team score more than 8 runs, and the last 2 nights, you know what? We scored more than 8 runs in Fenway Park"

Thanks to all the Rays fans out there. Rays Nation, est. September 2008. This video is a great example of a room full of people using this team as an excuse to get hammered, get obnoxious with a bunch of cowbells, and party hearty, while remaining completely oblivious to the fact that maybe 3 people in the entire bar had any idea who Evan Longoria was at the beginning of the season.

Game 6 starts tonight at 8:07 from the Trop. James "Big Game" Shields plays in the first legitimately big game of his career against Josh Beckett, arguably the best clutch pitcher in baseball. Beckett isn't 100%, but if he's close, then he'll be fine.

61% of FanIQ is picking Shields and the Rays. My prediction: Red Sox in 4 over the Phillies.

Enjoy one more great video. Next time any Rays fans talk smack about Red Sox Nation lacking class, please remember this priceless video:

What's the difference between the Rays and cancer?
Jon Lester can beat cancer.
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An example of a solid teaser. Instead of doing a 3 team parlay on the ml laying the kind of juice you are, if you did a 3 team teaser instead it would pat you out at 1.6 to 1 on a 3 teamer.

You are throwing away ridiculous amounts of money betting the way you do.

(Play) [Pending: $400.00] Teaser (College Football: 6.5pts.): 4 teams. Risking$400.00, to win $1,000.00Ticket Id:XXXXXXXX

  • Mississippi St +1½ (Teased 6½ points to spread: 8) -110 on Vanderbilt - Mississippi St [Sat, Oct 11 2:30PM] [College Football]
  • Central Michigan -7½ (Teased 6½ points to spread: -1) -110 on Temple - Central Michigan [Sat, Oct 11 4:00PM] [College Football]
  • Georgia -13½ (Teased 6½ points to spread: -7) -110 on Tennessee U - Georgia [Sat, Oct 11 3:30PM] [College Football]
  • North Carolina -8 (Teased 6½ points to spread: -1½) -110 on Notre Dame - North Carolina [Sat, Oct 11 3:30PM] [College Football]

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Funny thing about that is... the "50 to win 30" bets are pretty much the absolute minimum that I'll accept. If they're making me any less than that, they get parlayed. And I hit well over 62.5% on the games I bet, so it's cool.

If you've been paying attention, you'd notice that I'm on pace to go 8-0 for the 1:00 games. For those of you scoring at home, that's 100%.

And I don't bet dogs or favorites. I bet winners. So the payout is irrelevant, to be honest.