Texas Middle School football team pulls off an amazing trick play

Middle School team pulls off a classic trick play

11/10/10 in HS Football   |   Scott   |   53883 respect

The game of football has seen it's fair share of trick plays but this one might be the best yet.  Driscoll Middle School has become an internet sensation overnight because of this play, with the video even making this past week's ESPN's Monday Night football show. 


Before anybody asks, yes, this is actually a legal play. According to the NFL rules, as long as the ball is snapped from the ground and in one fluid motion, it doesnt matter how the center gets the ball to the quarterback. In this case, the center basically hands the ball to the quarterback and he does the rest. Very creative playcall, terrible defense but overall one of the most unthinkable plays we've seen in a long time on the football field
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