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The Patriots Are Dealt Karmic Payback

2/4/08 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

If there was any moment that summed up why the Patriots deserved to lose this Super Bowl, it was Bill Belichick deciding not to remain on the field for the final second of the game.

It was a classless move by a classless coach, but there was also much more to it than that. It was a microcosm of the entire Patriots season. Because whether you believe in karma or not, the truth is that this year's Patriots team, and their fans, pushed the envelope like no team ever has before. And in the end, it came back to nail them in crushing fashion.

So let's go over what happened this year that put the Patriots in prime position to receive "karmic payback."

1. Spygate: We learned the Patriots had been cheating to get an illegal edge on their opponents. And that they had probably been doing it for years, throwing their previous three Super Bowl wins into question.

2. Response to Spygate: Rather than just brush Spygate off and move on, the team decided to prove to the league that they didn't need cameras to win. As a result they hung up embarrassingly high scores on teams that had nothing to do with Spygate, like the Bills (38-7, 56-10) and the Redskins (52-7).  And it wasn't just Belichick who seemed intent on doing this, it was the players as well. Tom Brady running a pump-and-go to Randy Moss when up by 40 against the Skins is one such example. Continually going for it on 4th down when up by 30 in the 4th quarter against everyone is another example. Bill Belichick taking a dump in Joe Gibbs's locker was bad as well, but I can't actually prove that last one.

3. Bill Simmons: Single-handedly became the most annoying, arrogant sports writer in America by forsaking his "national" column to continually beat us over the head about how great the Patriots were. He openly mocked Peyton Manning, and was even more brutal on Eli. And to top it all off he continually wrote sentences like this one, where he took shots at anyone reading his crap: "Maybe the Pats can be beaten, but not by these guys[Jags]. In fact, I'm insulted that you even think this might be close." Personally, I'm insulted that Simmons seems to think I care what he says.

4. Helmet Tattoo Man: This idiot below decided to get the Patriots' entire helmet tattooed into his head. The kicker - he was going to get the Lombardi Trophy tattooed into his head after the Super Bowl. So much for that.

5. Pissing Off Fanbases:
Not content to leave well enough alone before the Super Bowl, a Boston Herald columnist writes an article proclaiming that Patriots fans are smarter, classier, healthier, and own pricier homes than their Giants counterparts. Nothing like openly antagonizing entire fanbases.

6. The Trademarks: Three days before their playoff game against the Chargers, in an example of incredible arrogance, the Patriots applied for trademarks on "19-0" and "19-0 The Perfect Season."

7. The Parade: Yes, Boston Mayor Tom Menino began planning the victory parade about a week before the Super Bowl. Menino said he had no option but to start planning for it. Funny, I don't remember New York doing this.

8. Dumb Book Ideas: Before the Super Bowl, the Boston Globe already had a book up to buy on Amazon entitled 19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots. Hey, it's still up, and slightly discounted now!

9. More Spygate: It's revealed the day before the Super Bowl that New England apparently videotaped the Rams' final walkthrough before the 2002 Super Bowl. Guess they didn't manage to do that against the Giants.

10. Party Invites: According to Amani Toomer, Patriots players were inviting Giants players to their victory parties before the game. Classy.

In the end, it doesn't really matter if you believe in karma or not. The Patriots, their fans, and numerous hometown writers, including Simmons, all let classless arrogance get the better of them this season. And it finally caught up with all of them in the Super Bowl.
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2/8/08   |   ThaChad   |   4 respect

i don't recall the 72 dolphins trademarking anything like there perfect season or doing stuff like the patriots did in the lead up to so called perfection, next time finish up every game and maybe then you can do all this stuff but to be big headed before the ball is even kicked in the Superbowl, don't assume your going to win.

2/7/08   |   CPops

Yes they are classless!! and most of the players you listed arent going because of injury- at least 9 of them that I know of are hurt(maybe more but I'm not positive) !!! Get your facts straight!! Brady and MOSS are NOT HURT!!! Good luck next season LOL        BTW aint 18-1 GREAT!!!

I am a fan that can care less who shows up or not.  Its the Pro Bowl... I won't be watching.  Having it at the end of the season, you are just asking for guys to bail on it.  Especially a sport like football, where by the end everyone is playing with a nagging injury or two. 


As for the season, would have been better to finish 19-0, but what can you do... Manning's scramble/Tyree's catch was amazing.  No shame losing on that play that great.  Would have been tougher to handle had we lost and ended the season on a botched snap or something.     But like your Cowboys, bounced back this season... I have a sneaky suspicion that my Patriots will be alright come September. 

2/7/08   |   CPops

(Edited by CPops)

Continuing with Vin's theory on the Pro Bowl... other very 'classless' players in the NFL:


Brett Favre, QB, Green Bay

Antonio Gates, TE, San Diego

Walter Jones, OT, Seattle

Patrick Kearney, DE, Seattle

Tommie Harris, DT, Chicago

Lance Briggs, LB, Chicago

Jason Peters, OT, Buffalo

LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, San Diego

Jason Taylor, DE, Miami

Bob Sanders, S, Indianapolis

Troy Polamalu, S, Pittsburgh

Jamal Williams, DT, San Diego

Jonathan Ogden, OT, Baltimore


We get it, Vin... you HATE the Patriots.  No matter what they do... or don't do in this case, you will BLOW IT OUT OF PROPORTION!!  BRADY AND MOSS AREN'T GOING TO HAWAII!!  THEY ARE CLASSLESS!!  THEIR FANS SHOULD BURN THEIR JERSEYS AND CANCEL THEIR SEASON TICKETS!! 

2/5/08   |   soxfan90

And to top off all of this incredible arrogance and "CLASSLESSNESS", Tom Brady and Randy Moss have both pulled out of the Pro Bowl denying their "fans" one last attempt at watching these two play one more time this season..... Way to go guys!!!

No, Tom Brady just doesn't want to see Osi Usimuraya lined up against him for two weeks in a row. Can't blame him, I wouldn't want to take that many shots again either.

2/4/08   |   EMSRealty   |   22 respect

I've always had a huge dislike for the patriots, it wasn't because of spygate or anything any one player didn't or didn't do, but specifically to the arrogance of brady.  He played so shitty, had it been any other coach he would have been taken out after the 1st quarter, this truly exemplifies what kind of arrogant a$$ brady is and I would have no problem questioning the validity of their other super bowl wins.  There is a great book, "Winners Never Cheat" written by Jon M. Huntsman.  Maybe someone should send this book over to brady and Belichick.  Way to go Giants,  my hats off to you!

2/4/08   |   soxfan90

Poetic Justice.

2/4/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4214 respect

The irony to me, is that the Patriots become everything that they claimed they weren't.  The best part is that it worked out for them all the way up to the one game that mattered and then it all turned against them.  I realize not all Patriot fans are Massholes, but no fanbase deserves this more than them.

2/4/08   |   Todd

I don't have any alliance with either the Giants or Patriots per se, but now I get to hear from (truly) an a-hole co-worker, who's a huge Giants fan, about how great Eli Manning is (the MVP should've gone to Tyree, IMO). I was pulling for the Patriots yesterday, just to shut this guy up about the Giants today.  Now, that won't happen, once he shows up from his drunken stupor (I'm sure).  I'll just close my office door and lock myself in.

2/4/08   |   CPops

Even though both made me cringe when I read about them.  The trademarks and book deals, you know every team in the league would do the same thing if they were in that situation.  In the end, football is a business.  Those were smart business deals.  If they don't do it... someone else would have, I can guarantee that.