The Running Of The Bulls Mascot - Mr. Testis
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Couldn't They Have Picked A Slightly Different Mascot?

7/11/08 in General Sports   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I had no idea about this, but apparently the famous Running Of The Bulls over in Pamplona, Spain, which is going on as we speak, has a mascot.

The mascot is a blue bull named, uh, Mr. Testis. If you're wondering why he's named that, just watch the video.

By the way, is there something wrong with the people in Pamplona or something? First they risk their lives running with the bulls and then they create mascots like this one. There must be something in the water over there, and it's certainly not good.

By the way, Mr. Testis still doesn't hold a candle to Mr. Testicles, the official mascot for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign. Check him out in action.

Not only can he figure skate, but he can ski and snowboard too. He's the Bo Jackson of mascots.

Nice try Pamplona, but you'll never take down Mr. Testicles in terms of ridiculously embarrassing sports mascots.

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7/12/08   |   JasonW   |   8 respect

A fine example of Spaniards' wacky fascination with bulls.  If you've ever spent time in Pamplona, you'll see that you can't blame it on something in the water.  The wine flows free, but good luck finding any H20 being consumed.  Viva San Fermín!

7/11/08   |   RichmondSpider

Now THAT is a serious case of blue balls...

7/11/08   |   spawn_master   |   18 respect

Hey reporter guy, please keep your hand off of my testis!!! That's never good TV.