Theo Bos Pulls Down Daryl Impey During Tour Of Turkey
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Cyclist Pulls Dirty Trick During Tour Of Turkey. The French Nod Approvingly, Because It's Not Lance Armstrong.

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I don't know if this is a regular tactic in cycling, but Theo Bos doesn't seem to be all that apologetic about how he pulled on Daryl Impey's yellow jersey, causing the leader to crash and suffer serious injuries.

His victim Daryl Impey won the Tour of Turkey anyway. Impressive, but definitely not the way he wanted to win, I'm sure. He suffered serious back and face injuries in the crash.

Bos, on the other hand, tried to justify his act, saying that it makes him sick that he is being accused of dirty cycling. I really have nothing to say. Watch the video, and let me know what you think. Looks pretty cut and dry to me, though. Poor move on his part, and he should be punished.
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9/14/09   |   dvd1955p

Where are the follow up articles to this catastrophe? All riders put their hands up to keep other cyclists from crashing into them ... Even if this incident LOOKS like Bos pulled Impey over and then down, it CANNOT have been the case ... (has he been fined? has he been ejected from the sport? has he been arrested for assault?) What do the other participating riders have to say about this...?

7/22/09   |   FanTheo

 Theo just did some improper behavior. I don't think he should be accused so badly. Anyhow, I love him forever~~~~~~~~~

6/28/09   |   dvd1955p

Why did he do it? Was he himself falling down? What are the details? Or to quote the announcer: "What is going on?" Do we know yet?

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6/27/09   |   ard_love10

its so very nice game

6/26/09   |   mohamidaziz   |   4 respect

cycling is a rough sport, those guys are mean. go lance, levi and floyd

6/21/09   |   arkibrian

i'll go for alberto contador for tdf 09

6/21/09   |   nsitizulaikha

national cycling team da best!!!

6/21/09   |   manuj_goal

good looking

6/19/09   |   valeri_et

This is a crazy message

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6/18/09   |   born214

unsportmanship act !

4/21/09   |   Keeter   |   92 respect

Full contact cycling !!!

4/21/09   |   huskerdoug2009   |   2790 respect

Most fans used to say boxing was corrupt from the top of the sport down to the bottom.  I would go as far as saying cycling is quickly becoming the most corrupt sport in the world.  Between all the doping and incidents like this moron pulling someone down as given this sport more black eyes than Charles Barkley in an all you can eat buffet line.

4/21/09   |   jmcarlos

The European media are a crazy bunch.  Very finicky.  It's no surprise that they hate the "ugly American" Lance Armstrong.  But they should be fair in their criticism.  That was a dirty move.