Tiger Woods kicks his golf club during 2012 Masters at Augusta National

Tiger is roaring at Augusta, but not in a good way

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It's no secret that Tiger Woods hasn't been himself since his numerous affairs were publicized, his marriage was destroyed, and he took a break from golf to sort out his life.

His antics during the 2nd round of the 2012 Masters, however, left some people with quite the bad taste in their mouth.

The low point was on the 16th hole, when he acted more like Happy Gilmore than one of the greatest golfers of all time.

Should Tiger be punished somehow for his tirades? Golf has always had the perception of being a gentleman's game, and there is little tolerance for emotional outbursts like this on the course. Sure, some of us do it when we're at the local course and think no one is watching, but for one of golf's all-time greats to do it at one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world is simply unacceptable.

What's your take? Does Tiger need to be reprimanded somehow for this?
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Tiger is tied for 39th thru 15.....

Oops, dropped to 41st (tied) thru 16....

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Honestly, I don't know about the reprimand.  I watched a replay of the coverage last night, and the display was sad.  I was embarrassed for him.  He was interviewed after the round was completed and relived it all over again analyzing the errors.  That, too, was sad.  I don't think he is completely out of the running and may regroup and take charge.  However, if another player has a bad day and reacts the way Tiger did, the powers that be will not be able to reprimand that player either, without someone calling favoritism.  

Yeah they probably should have done something at the time, if they were going to.