Top 10 Hottest MMA Women

UFC 92 Is Saturday, So Here Are The 10 Hottest Women Of MMA.

12/26/08 in MMA   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

UFC 92 is coming up on Saturday. It will be one of the most exciting events of 2008, with the UFC light heavyweight and interim heavyweight championships on the line, as well as a matchup between light heavyweight legends Quinton "Rampage Jackson and Wanderlei Silva.

In honor of this weekend's huge event, as well as a great year of mixed martial arts, here are the 10 hottest women in mixed martial arts. Be sure to click on the thumbnails to see the full sized pics.

10: Adree DeSanti

Adree DeSanti is a UFC spokeswoman, as well as a model for UFC and other MMA merchandise. She has appeared in tons of MMA magazines, including TapOut Magazine, MMA Sports Magazine, KnockOut Magazine, as well as the more mainstream mags like STUFF, Maxim and FHM.

9: Anne Rivera

Anne Rivera is another spokesmodel for the UFC, and also for Mickey's malt liguor, and used to be a ring girl for the UFC. She models out of Las Vegas, and was featured in Fight Magazine.

8: Gina Carano

Gina Carano is one of the premiere female mixed martial artists in the world. She is currently undefeated at 7-0. Notable wins include Kelly Kobold, Kaitlin Young and Tonya Evinger. She most recently fought for the now-defunct EliteXC, and can also be seen on American Gladiator.

7: Laura Jones

Laura Jones was a Cage Rage ring girl until ProElite went under, and has done quite a bit of modeling on the side. The British beauty has appeared in tons of magazines in the UK, and is a presenter for a show in the UK called Party People.

6: Patrycja Mikula

Mikula is the ex-girlfriend of former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski. She was rumored to be dating another former heavyweight champ, Tim Sylvia, but she denied them, saying that she and Tim are just friends.

5: Amber Nichole Miller

Amber Nichole Miller was a UFC ring girls, and is now a model for Xyience, one of the UFC's main sponsors. In addition to modeling, she has also had small roles in a few films, including Oceans 11 and Rush Hour 2.

4: Rachelle Leah

Rachelle Leah was an octagon girl for the UFC, but has sinced moved into hosting MMA shows, instead. She hosts UFC All Access on Spike TV, and also appears on many other MMA shows on a regular basis. She has been featured in a plethora of magazines, from FHM to Playboy and everything in between.

3: Abbie Ratay

Abbie Ratay was a ring girl for EliteXC until they went under, and is also a model for One More Round Clothing, an MMA clothing company.

2: Ali Sonoma

Ali Sonoma is a former UFC ring girl, and also an ex-girlfriend of UFC fighter Diego Sanchez. She has appeared in magazines like True Fitness, Ultimate Grappling, Real Fighter and FHM. She's currently a spoesmodel for Rockstar energy drinks and MMA Authentics.

1: Arianny Celeste

Arianny Celeste is an octagon girl for the UFC, and a spokesmodel for Throwdown energy drinks. Here's a video of one of her shoots for Throwdown:

Arianny was the 2008 Ring Girl of the Year for Fighters Only Magazine, an MMA magazine based in the UK. She used to be quite close with UFC fighter Roger Huerta, but they are no longer on speaking terms, according to Arianny. Bad move, Roger.

Got an issue with the order? Think someone was left out? Feel free to comment away on your thoughts on the top 10, as well as any of your predictions for UFC 92 on Saturday. Enjoy your weekend!
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3/4/11   |   brettupton

Love the selection on here. I forgot how hot Ali Sonoma was. But I would love to see pics of Brittney Palmer and Natasha Wicks (Who Dana White never should have fired) on here.

1/5/09   |   alyf

ooh ok woman??

1/4/09   |   sydipto

thanks a lot guys for making my comment top, its my first top comment.

p.s my girlfriend would kill me if she finds out that i checking other girls hot pics on net.

12/30/08   |   Bravesfan23

   I gotta say that there are some VERY HOTT women on this blog but to me, I think that Adree DeSanti and Ali Sonoma are the cream of the crop!  Those two women are like what men dream about and I think you could go wrong with either!  But if I had to pick just one, I would have to choose Adree DeSanti....she is absolutely GORGEOUS!  I will give some props to Gina Carano as well.  But by no means is she an Adree DeSanti!

12/30/08   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

tapnout09 wrote:

I didn't miss her. I left her off the list. She's not worthy.

12/28/08   |   STLCardinalsFan   |   63 respect

I personally like Adre Desanti the best, very sexy girl

12/28/08   |   nyrangers   |   192 respect

Hey, that Ali girl was on ABC's game show "The Mole." I remember, she took 30 grand of guaranteed money instead of risking losing and coming out with nothing as compared to the 400K jackpot or whatever it was

12/27/08   |   stlbudlite14

Oh please............what's wrong with women of FANIQ?  They are just like them but only smarter and very headstrong in sports!!!! That's what I like about them!

12/27/08   |   rua4102

wow... i am sweating just looking...  send andree over ,,, just give me the heads up so i can have my wife leave first.......

12/27/08   |   pete91788

i 'd sy laura jones is the hottest to me, can harldy type now looking at her

12/27/08   |   tapnout09


12/27/08   |   tapnout09

I AGREE WITH U 100% !!!

12/27/08   |   plumsub

Gina is the only one that matters since she is the only one woman enough to get in the Octagon and fight and still be @$#! hot.

12/27/08   |   varunpawashe   |   11 respect

amazing this what u call dammmmmmmmmm..........exciting......its fantastic...keep rocking mate.....

12/27/08   |   vimal_vila

Hot one man...........

nice chicks keep it up.

12/27/08   |  


12/27/08   |   alyf

nice love mmmmm 

12/27/08   |   snbslugger

Gina should be #1.  She's hot, and a fighter, while the others on this list are about two rungs on the  ladder away from pornstars.  The title of "UFC Spokesmodel" is a freakin' joke.  Any girl who could kick the asses of the other nine on this list should be #1, and that's Gina.

12/27/08   |   kapu_6811

she is hott like if  volcano came near it it will turn into coal 

12/27/08   |   Chris   |   3 respect

Did anyone find my jaw? I think i dropped it somewhere in the blog...

12/27/08   |   ysoni1111

 Great? yarr

12/27/08   |   jjigtenzin1107


12/27/08   |   dumpire5153

Hey Pat, are you sure you dont want to do a daily eye candy poll?  This was great!

12/26/08   |   wayuarora

no nude pic

12/26/08   |   R3DS8XFaN


12/26/08   |   yankeebert


12/26/08   |   Michael_G   |   37865 respect

 #9...WOW...good job Pat

12/26/08   |   JBrenn   |   44 respect

10 seems like a good number to set up a "Battle Royale" style match!

12/26/08   |   RainMan   |   381 respect


12/26/08   |   pusathuseyin


12/26/08   |   Bravesfan23

dallas_fan wrote:
Not sure if this is playboy, but it's something...

   Awesome link man!  She is smokin' HOTT and I definitely gotta give you  for that!

12/26/08   |   nights_talker333

really hot

12/26/08   |   brianmc0331   |   10 respect

12/26/08   |   blksiryder

yeah it was 2 mo ago it was playboy i have it in my bathroom. you should check it out. lots of good pics in that one,

Rachelle Leah's November 2008 Playboy is now available on newsstands, through the Playboy Store and in Digital edition

12/26/08   |   dallas_fan

blksiryder wrote:
didnt Rachelle Leah have a playboy spread?? now thats hott!!

Not sure if this is playboy, but it's something...

12/26/08   |   streetballer123   |   3523 respect

you made me jizz in my pants

12/26/08   |   thejuelgman   |   10 respect

I had no interest in MMA...until now.

12/26/08   |   ajl84   |   4 respect

Everyone are SO HOT! my mouse began to become warmer. huh. but i have to choose one she is rachelle leah.

12/26/08   |   akoredemail

its good omend for take view of you.

12/26/08   |   gobigblue1960   |   4803 respect

I don't watch the MMA, but i might tune in if these 10 were to have a winner take all cat fight to the finish!

12/26/08   |   blksiryder

didnt Rachelle Leah have a playboy spread?? now thats hott!!

12/26/08   |   keebs8   |   1701 respect

All I wanted for Christmas was these 10 things, Dang Santa Claus ripped me off again!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/26/08   |   lionsaleem1

Hai! pat u r rocking in good job beauty babe's look likes angels,

12/26/08   |   sydipto

good job pat. keep it up

12/26/08   |   sinyoioftoday

pretty much hot!

12/26/08   |   Viraal   |   2 respect

Sizzling HOT