Toronto Argonauts Halftime Fan Contests Are Awesome: Go Ashley, Go!

8/28/07 in CFL   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Man, I really need to watch the CFL more if this is the type of entertainment that can be seen during halftime.

Recipe for success: Create a promo that involves running blindfolded, and then select the fattest, dumbest fan you can find.

Slap a Wisconsin jersey on her and Badgers fans might be having flashbacks, not even Ron Dayne showed that much speed and jiggle cutting it upfield.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Ufford for making my day.
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8/28/07   |   CORRY20

I was at that game she sat right in front of me.She new everybody their cheerleaders and security you name it.She sat in the front row.They did give her a football after that hole experience.

8/28/07   |   CriticalFanatic

Total watch count for me today on this video: 5

Still not old yet.

8/28/07   |   Todd

Wth was that?  I think it's safe to say they won't try that promo again.  
(Edited by Todd)

There used to be a similar promo for Duck basketball games from Southwest Airlines.  Of course, folks doing it there weren't near as stupid as Ashley, and they found the banner with the crowd's help.  Of course, to show how cheap Southwest is, it was only good for $25 off an airline ticket.

8/28/07   |   kantwistaye   |   4215 respect

lmao... did she throw up after that run like Dayne?  That might be the only difference between the two.