Tour de France L'Alpe-d'Huez Climb 2001 Flashback: Lance Armstrong's "The Look"
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Jan Ullrich Gets Owned In The Alps

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Many of the most memorably Tour de France moments have happened on the climb up L'Alpe-d'Huez. It's a winding, staggering climb that is more sloped and difficult than it appears over the airwaves.

Doping or not, climbing this part of the Alps at the rate of the these riders is phenomenal. Here's a look at the profile, the portion to the far right is what the Tour de France brings Wednesday morning.

Lance Armstrong and his rival Jan Ullrich were side by side frequently throughout their biking escapades across Europe, and most definitely during their tour of France. Like Phil Mickelson in golf, Ullrich is one of the best bikers of all time, but unfortunately his career overlapped one of the best ever.

As the riders begin that final climb up L'Alpe-d'Huez we're reminded of the most classic moment between these two bikers, Armstong's "The Look" back at Ullrich during the upper portion of the mountain, as to say, "You coming with me? No? K, bye!"

Lance would later admit that it wasn't intended as a look of intimidation or browbeating, but I think that was just his showing his respect to Ullrich. Either way, this moment on the Alps in 2001 remains my most vivid memory of the Tour de France.

Enjoy. (HT: Spencer Hall)

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