Urijah Faber Loses To Mike Brown By TKO At WEC 36 For Featherweight Title

It Took Less Than 3 Minutes For Mike Brown To Take Out The WEC Featherweight Champ

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Before his fight against Mike Brown at WEC 36, Urijah Faber was said to be one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world. His MMA record was 21-1, and he had gone through the best that the featherweight division had to offer in the WEC, winning most of his fights in convincing fashion. Although some of his recent fights seemed to test him a little more, Faber always managed to come out with a win somehow, even if he put himself in a tough situation.

Against Mike Brown, however, that changed. Faber's aggressive style came back to bite him, as he paid dearly for a reckless elbow that he tried to land on Mike Brown midway through the first round.

Brown had taken Faber down, but Urijah sprung back up immediately, and then Brown nearly caught him with a left hook, but Faber appeared to have dodged it. After coming back at Brown, he tried to come in with an elbow, but Brown was ready and waiting for him, and knocked him down with a right hand to the face. Once he went down, Brown came in quick for the TKO and kept the strikes coming until the ref stopped the fight.

Brown's first title defense shot very well may be a rematch with Urijah Faber. Faber has been the golden boy of the WEC, and was their biggest draw. WEC was hoping to start selling pay per views next summer, but that seems unlikely with Faber's loss. The other likely opponent would be Leonard Garcia, who beat former UFC lightweight champ Jens Pulver at WEC 36. Garcia is now a top contender, and wants a shot at the belt.

The featherweight division in the WEC is an action-packed one, loaded with quality talent. It should be interesting to see what happens next.
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1/19/09   |   dblock022

Faber is the better fighter

11/6/08   |   TheChad81578

I think it took me longer to cook my popcorn last night than it took for Brown to knock Faber out. It was brutal.

11/6/08   |   jeradshaw

  Brown is a beast.  At that weight, man shouldn't be as strong as he is.